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King & Carey: Personal Finance 2e

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  • Student resources

    • Web links

      Selected links direct you to a range of sites to provide further information and help develop your understanding of personal finance

    • Updates

      Up-to-date information on tax, national insurance, and some of the key changes to financial products

  • Lecturer resources

  • The following resources are password-protected and for adopting lecturers' use only.

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    • PowerPoint slides

      A set of customizable PowerPoint slides for use in your lecturers and seminars

    • Extended case studies

      Two extended case studies and their suggested solutions are available to help develop student understanding of how to apply theory to practical, real-world problems

    • Answers to selected exercises in the text

      Solutions to end-of-chapter questions are available here, allowing these to be used as assessments or seminar questions

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