Key Ideas in Teaching Mathematics: Research-based guidance for ages 9-19

Anne Watson, Keith Jones, and Dave Pratt

Suitable for:  Everyone involved in mathematics education for older school students, particularly teacher educators, curriculum and textbook developers, and teachers undertaking research-based development work

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ISBN: 978-0-19-966551-8
Publication date: 21/02/2013
Paperback: 272 pages
Dimensions: 234x156mm

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International research is used to inform teachers and others about how students learn key ideas in higher school mathematics, what the common problems are, and the strengths and pitfalls of different teaching approaches. An associated website, hosted by the Nuffield Foundation, gives summaries of main ideas and access to sample classroom tasks.


  • A resource for understanding the key ideas in school mathematics for students aged 9 to 19
  • Quick links to classroom tasks throughout the book via a website for practitioners, developed with the Nuffield Foundation
  • Written by ex-school teachers who are active researchers and stay in close contact with teachers and schools
  • Summarises research so that readers can base their work on up-to-date knowledge about learning
  • Extensive bibliography

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  • "I cannot commend this book highly enough. It is an essential addition to any mathematics educator's library. As a teacher educator I know I will refer to it frequently with both beginning teachers and experienced teachers." - Sue Pope, Mathematics Today
  • "This is likely to be a source of inspiration for teachers and researchers for many years to come. The book is informed by a wealth of research evidence which is fully referenced." - Sue Pope, Mathematics Today
  • "This combination of book and website is a great resource for any department looking to develop its teaching by addressing the key ideas in school mathematics based on research evidence." - Total Maths
  • "This is a most impressive book that offers detailed advice on the teaching of mathematics in the secondary sector." - Mark Pepper, Association of Maths Teachers
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Table of Contents

1: Introduction to key ideas in teaching mathematics
2: Relations between quantities and algebraic expressions
3: Ratio and proportional reasoning
4: Connecting measurement and decimals

5: Spatial and geometrical reasoning
6: Reasoning about data
7: Reasoning about uncertainty
8: Functional relations between variables
9: Moving to mathematics beyond age 16