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Complete Mechanics for Cambridge International AS & A Level

Develop advanced mathematical skills with a real-world focus

Author Phillip Crossley, Author Martin Burgess, and Author Jim Fensom

Suitable for:  Students of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics (9709)

Price:  £20.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-842519-9
Publication date: 12/07/2018
Paperback: 144 pages
Dimensions: 246x189mm

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Providing complete syllabus support (9709), this stretching and practice-focused course builds the advanced skills needed for the latest Cambridge assessments and the transition to higher education. Engaging, real world examples make mathematics relevant to real life.


  • Be confident of full syllabus support with a comprehensive mapping grid drawn directly from the latest syllabus (9709) for examination from 2020
  • Help every student hone their skills with clear explanations and extensive graduated practice for every topic
  • Get students ready for higher education with a focus on real world application via up-to-date international examples
  • Give students realistic exam practice with exam style questions covering all topics
  • Eliminate confusion with worked examples that show important techniques so students can confidently tackle every question

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Table of Contents

Syllabus matching grid
1 Straight line motion and graphs
1.1: Displacement-time graphs
1.2: Velocity-time graphs
2 Constant acceleration formulae
2.1: Constant acceleration formulae
2.2: Vertical motion
3 Variable acceleration
3.1: Using differentiation to describe straight line motion
3.2: Using integration to describe straight line motion
3.3: Deriving the constant acceleration formulae
Review exercise A
Maths in real-life: Challenging technology in sport
4 Forces and resultants
4.1: Resultants
4.2: Components
4.3: Forces in equilibrium
5 Newton's laws
5.1: Newton's laws
5.2: Resolving when on an inclined plane
5.3: Multiple forces
5.4: Connected particles
6 Friction

6.1: Rough horizontal surfaces
6.2: Rough inclined plane
Review exercise B
Maths in real-life: Understanding the Universe
7 Work and energy
7.1: Work
7.2: Kinetic energy
7.3: Gravitational potential energy
7.4: Conservation of energy
7.5: The work-energy principle
8 Power
8.1: Power as rate of doing work
8.2: Acceleration and variable resistance
9 Momentum NEW
9.1: Momentum
9.2: Collisions
Review exercise C
Maths in real-life: Aerodynamics
Exam-style paper A
Exam-style paper B