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Oxford International AQA Examinations: International A Level Chemistry: Online Textbook

The only textbook for OxfordAQA International A Level Chemistry

Author Ted Lister and Author Janet Renshaw

Suitable for:  OxfordAQA International AS & A Level Chemistry (9620) students & teachers

Price:  £39.50 +VAT

ISBN: 978-0-19-841178-9
Publication date: 29/09/2016
Digital Licence Key: 560 pages

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The only textbook that fully supports the OxfordAQA International AS & A Level Chemistry specification (9620), for first teaching in September 2016. The enquiry-based, international approach builds advanced science skills, fully preparing students for exam success and the progression to university study.


  • Ensure students fully understand the requirements of the specification with start-of-chapter learning objectives.
  • Prepare students for exam success with exam-style and summary questions.
  • Help students understand the bigger picture with synoptic links that build a solid foundation for university study.
  • Prepare for the written practical paper, with full coverage of the 10 required practicals.
  • Make science meaningful with a focus on how scientists and engineers apply their knowledge in the real world.
  • Strengthen mathematical skills, with Maths skills tips, a dedicated Maths chapter, worked examples and practice questions.
  • Support those students who don't speak English as a first language with clear language, an extensive glossary and highlighted key terms.
  • The online textbook license can be accessed on a wide range of devices and is valid until 31st December 2026, for use by one student or teacher. Your first login will be sent to you in the mail on a printed access card.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: AS Physical chemistry 1
1: Atomic structure
2: Amount of substance
3: Bonding
4: Energetics
5: Kinetics
6: Equilibria
7: Oxidation, reduction, and redox reactions
Section 2: AS Inorganic chemistry 1
8: Periodicity
9: Group 2, the alkaline earth metals
10: Group 7, the halogens
Section 3: AS Organic chemistry 1
11: Introduction to organic chemistry
12: Alkanes
13: Halogenoalkanes
14: Alkenes
15: Alcohols
16: Organic analysis
Section 4: A2 Physical chemistry 2
17: Thermodynamics
18: Kinetics
19: Equilibrium constant Kp

20: Electrode potentials and electrochemical cells
21: Acids, bases, and buffers
Section 5: A2 Inorganic chemistry 2
22: Periodicity
23: The transition metals
24: Reactions of inorganic compounds in aqueous solutions
Section 6: A2 Organic chemistry 2
25: Nomenclature and isomerism
26: Compounds containing the carbonyl group
27: Aromatic chemistry
28: Amines
29: Polymerisation
30: Amino acids and proteins
31: Organic synthesis and analysis
32: Structure determination
33: Chromatography
A level additional practice questions
Section 7: Practical skills
Section 8: Mathematical skills
Periodic Table
Answers to summary questions