Twenty First Century Science: GCSE Sciences Kerboodle

Unrivalled digital support for the new (9-1) specifications

Suitable for:  For schools delivering the OCR Twenty First Century GCSE Science (9-1) specifications

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ISBN: 978-0-19-835972-2
Publication date: 24/12/2015

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Written in partnership with the University of York Science Education Group, this Kerboodle provides unrivalled digital support for OCR Twenty First Century Science GCSE, and has been updated to match the new OCR Twenty First Century Science GCSE (9-1) specifications.


  • Written in partnership with the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) for the new OCR Twenty First Century GCSE Science (9-1) specifications, for first certification in 2018
  • Makes assessment and progress tracking easy, with an evidence of learning item for every assessable learning outcome, providing teachers with evidence of their students' progress throughout the course
  • Includes flexible practical activities to give full support in developing students' practical skills, including detailed teacher and technician notes for each practical or demonstration
  • Develops the required maths skills with calculation worksheets, interactive activities with step-by-step worked solutions, as well as access to exclusive resources from
  • Preparation for the linear exams with practice questions and auto-marked quizzes for both Higher and Foundation level, along with On Your Marks activities to build exam skills
  • Presentations and activities to accompany every learning sequence in the Student Book are provided, with built-in links to all relevant resources and matched to the Teacher Handbook
  • Explore science in different contexts with Ideas about Science case studies and activities throughout the course
  • Literacy worksheets and activities embed key words and support the communication of scientific knowledge
  • Engaging animations, videos, and simulations with clear learning objectives bring science to life
  • Includes access to digital versions of OCR Twenty First Century Science Student Books

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