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The Refugee in International Law

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Blake, N. & Husain, R., Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights
Oxford, 2003.

Germov, R. & Motta, F., Refugee Law in Australia
Melbourne, 2003.

Helton, A. C., The Price of Indifference: Refugees and Humanitarian
Action in the New Century

Oxford, 2002.

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Oxford, 2001.

McAdam, J., Complementary Protection in International Refugee Law
Oxford, 2007.

Oberoi, P., Exile and Belonging: Refugees and State Policy in South Asia
New Delhi, 2006.

Takkenberg, L., The Status of Palestinian Refugees in International Law
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998.

UNHCR, The State of the World's Refugees: Human Displacement in the New Millennium
Oxford, 2006.

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