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Companion Website

Taberlet: Environmental DNA

Welcome to the companion website for Taberlet: Environmental DNA for Biodiversity Research and Monitoring, by Pierre Taberlet, Aurélie Bonin, Lucie Zinger, and Eric Coissac.



Files to accompany the text are available via the links below. To download, right click and select 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...'.

File name File size
36_tags_8bp_5dif.txt 1 KB
384_tags_8bp_3dif.txt 4 KB
embl_r126.adx 20.3 MB
embl_r126.ndx 118 MB
embl_r126.rdx 1 KB
embl_r126.tdx 60.9 MB
FILE1_ReferenceDatabase.adx 10.2 MB
FILE1_ReferenceDatabase.ndx 72.8 MB
FILE1_ReferenceDatabase.rdx 1 KB
FILE1_ReferenceDatabase.tdx 38.3 MB
FILE1_ReferenceDatabase_001.sdx 507 MB
FILE2_BacteriaPrimers.ecoprimer 83.2 KB
FILE3_PrimerTest.ecopcr 1.17 GB
FILE4_PrimerTest_filtered.fasta 334 MB
FILE5_PrimerTest_final.fasta 1.87 MB
forward.primer 147 KB
genus.ndx 72.8 MB
genus.rdx 1 KB
genus.tdx 38.3 MB
genus_001.sdx 547 MB
ReferenceSequences.fasta 1.84 GB
reverse.primer 133 GB
Taxonomy.ndx 72.8 MB
Taxonomy.rdx 1 KB
Taxonomy.tdx 38.3 MB

You can also download all of the above as a compressed file (1.73 GB).

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