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    • Critical Historical Encounters

Critical Historical Encounters

James Kirby Martin, David M. Oshinsky, Randy W. Roberts

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The Jerry Rescue: The Fugitive Slave Law, Northern Rights, and the American Sectional Crisis

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Angela F. Murphy

December 2014

The Critical Historical Encounters series focuses on major critical encounters in the American experience

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Pennsylvania Hall: A 'Legal Lynching' in the Shadow of the Liberty Bell

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Beverly C. Tomek

November 2013

The story of Pennsylvania Hall is the story of American antislavery in microcosm

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Marching Across the Color Line: A. Philip Randolph and Civil Rights in the World War II Era

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David Welky

August 2013

This lively narrative examines an early battle in the Civil Rights Movement while highlighting the hypocrisy of racial politics of the day

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The Making of a Patriot: Benjamin Franklin at the Cockpit

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Sheila L. Skemp

July 2013

The story of the American Revolution, told through the story of Benjamin Franklin's afternoon in the Cockpit

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For Ourselves and Our Posterity: The Preamble to the Federal Constitution in American History

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Peter Charles Hoffer

August 2012

A sweeping narrative that traces the revolutionary origins of the Preamble to the federal Constitution

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The Battle of Ole Miss: Civil Rights v. States' Rights

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Frank Lambert

June 2010

Frank Lambert, who was a student at Ole Miss at the time, provides an engaging narrative of the tumultuous period surrounding James Meredith's arrival at the University of Mississippi

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