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Writing about Business and Industry

Edited by Beverly Schneller

Publication Date - April 1995

ISBN: 9780195073799

336 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Writing about Business and Industry brings together timeless essays and readings that exemplify excellence in writing about the history, theory, and practice of business. Beverly Schneller, coeditor of Writing about Science, has gathered the works of an extraordinary range of talented minds--Adam Smith, Lewis and Clark, George Orwell, Henry Ford, Beatrice Webb, as well as many others--to instruct and encourage those seeking to become polished writers in business, technical, economic, and related fields. These colorful selections bring specialized composition to life for the student, showing how different styles work for different fields, and enlivening the learning process. Students will hone their writing skills while discovering the Walla Walla River, visiting Wales, pondering the inherent nature of competition, or examining the status of women in the workplace. From Max Weber to contemporary journalism, the historical development of business thought and practice unfolds for the student. For courses in business and technical writing, as well as writing for the social sciences, this engaging collection provides an opportunity to uncover the often surprising possibilities of technical and business prose.

Table of Contents

    The Inquisitive Spirit
    Pensee 139, Blaise Pascal
    Of the Division of Labor, Adam Smith
    The Dalles to Walla Walla River, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
    The Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber
    Competition, Friedrich Engels
    South Wales, George Orwell
    The Working Life of Women, B. L. Hutchins
    Management Women and the New Facts of Life, Felice N. Schwartz
    Man and Woman: Images on the Left, Eric Hobsbawn
    Mary Parker Follett
    The Essentials of Leadership
    What I Learned About Business, Henry Ford
    Cyrus Hall McCormick: From Farm Boy to Tycoon, Robert Sobel
    The Acquisitive Spirit
    The Wherewithal to Spend: The Economic Background of Renaissance Florence, Richard Goldthwaite
    The Enduring Logic of Industrial Success, Alfred D. Chandler
    The Occupational Structure of India, Dharma Kumar with Meghnad Desai
    Foreign Assembly in Haiti, Joseph Grunwald, Leslie Delatour, and Karl Voltaire
    Strategic Intent, Gary Hamel and C. K. Prahalad
    Pouring Ideas into Tin Cans, Arthur Pound
    Women and the Factory Acts, Beatrice Webb
    Black Coats to White Collars: Economic Change, Nonmanual Work, and the Social Structure of Industrializing America, Stuart Blumin
    Co-Ordination by Committee, Alfred Pritchard Sloan
    Autos: On the Thin Edge, Paul R. Lawrence and Davis Dyer
    America Rediscovers W. Edwards Deming, Andrea Gabor
    Organizations as Physical Structures, Jeffrey Pfeffer
    The Parable of the Sadhu, Bowen McCoy
    From Affirmative Action to Affirming Diversity, R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.
    The New Product Development Map, Steven C. Wheelwright and W. Earl Sasser, Jr.

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