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Workplace/Women's Place

Third Edition

Edited by Paula Dubeck and Dana Dunn

Publication Date - 17 February 2006

ISBN: 9780195335262

383 pages

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Taking a lively interdisciplinary approach, this highly accessible anthology probes the continuing challenges that women face as they enter and participate in the world of work.


The articles in the Third Edition of Workplace/Women's Place are highly accessible to undergraduates. The book's interdisciplinary approach offers a social-science emphasis, documenting important trends in women's work lives with quantitative and qualitative evidence from both scholarly and journalistic sources.

This edition probes the continuing challenges that women face as they enter and participate in the world of work. The new articles illuminate factors that influence women's preparation for work and the occupations they choose. The articles also demonstrate the challenges women encounter in the workplace and in seeking to balance the demands of work and family life. Work experiences of diverse groups of women highlight both their unique experiences and the similarity of experiences that cross-cut racial and ethnic identity. In addition, this anthology provides an examination and assessment of a number of policies that have developed as a response to the changing labor force participation of women over the past three decades.

Major concepts are highlighted and explained in the introductions to the units, which also provide background information. "Food for Thought and Application" questions at the end of each reading are included to encourage the synthesis of information and to explore possible solutions to some of women's most vexing problems in today's workplace.

This edition also includes an appendix of data and trends relating to women and work, including labor-force participation rates, earnings, the wage gap, occupational concentration, and family-work data.

About the Author(s)

Paula J. Dubeck is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. She is coeditor of Challenges for Work and Family in the Twenty-First Century (1998).

Dana Dunn is provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Previous Publication Date(s)

September 2005


"This anthology is accessible and informative, underscoring a number of critical issues germane to how women participate in and experience the workforce. Its interdisciplinarity allows for a more comprehensive examination of the issues and ideas discussed."--Karen Flynn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"All the articles are interesting, enlightening, and insightful. The concise and engaging openings use rhetorical questions, personal experiences, and accessible references to research findings, everyday examples, and popular culture to ease students into each unit and help them begin thinking about the concepts/issues to be discussed."--Carla Harrell, Old Dominion University

Table of Contents

    * New to the third edition
    Each unit begins with an Introduction.
    Introduction to the Study of Women and Work, Paula Dubeck and Dana Dunn
    Unit One: Becoming Workers: Girls' Socialization for Employment
    1. Parental Influence and Women's Careers, Sue Joan Mendelson Freeman
    2. Shortchanging Girls: Gender Socialization in Schools, Peggy Orenstein (in association with the American Association of University Women)
    *3. Gender and Career Choice Process: The Role of Biased Self-Assessment, Shelly J. Correll
    Unit Two: Workplace Inequality: Gendered Structures and Their Consequences
    *4. Women's Employment Among Blacks, Whites, and Three Groups of Latinas: Do More Privileged Women Have Higher Employment? Paula England, Carmen Garcia-Beaulieu, and Mary Ross
    5. Gendered Jobs and Gendered Workers, Christine L. Williams
    6. Sex Segregation in the Workplace, Barbara F. Reskin
    *7. The Penny Pinch, Christine Larson
    8. Women, Men, and Management Styles, Marie-Therese Claes
    9. The Glass Ceiling, The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission
    *10. Gender Gap in the Executive Suite: CEOs and Female Executives Report on Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Belle Rose Ragins, Bickley Townsend, and Mary Mattis
    11. The Impact of Male Work Environments and Organizational Policies on Women's Experiences of Sexual Harrassment, James E. Gruber
    Unit Three: Work and Family: Seeking a Balance
    12. The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home, Arlie Russell Hochschild with Anne Machung
    13. The Time Bind,
    Arlie Russell Hochschild
    *14. Fast-Track Women and the "Choice" to Stay Home, Pamela Stone and Meg Lovejoy
    *15. Family and Career Trajectories Among African American Female Attorneys, Mary Blair-Loy and Gretchen DeHart
    *16. The Work-Home Crunch, Kathleen Gerson and Jerry A. Jacobs
    Unit Four: Women Workers Across the Spectrum
    17. Race, Class, Gender, and Women's Works: A Conceptual Framework, Teresa L. Amott and Julie A. Matthaei
    *18. Negotiating Identity in Raced and Gendered Workplace Interactions: The Use of Strategic Communication by African American Women Senior Executives Within Dominant Cultural Organizations, Patricia S. Parker
    *19. Selling Women Short: A Research Note on Gender Differences in Compensation on Wall Street, Louise Marie Roth />*20. Voces Abriendo Caminos (Voices Forging Paths): A Qualitative Study of the Career Development of Notable Latinas, Marie J. Gomez, Ruth E. Fassinger, Joann Prosser, Kathleen Cooke, Brenda Mejia, and Jeanette Luna
    21. Gender and the Formation of a Women's Profession: The Case of Public School Teaching, Jo Anne Preston
    22. "Outsider Within" the Firehouse: Subordination and Difference in the Social Interactions of African American Women Firefighters, Janice D. Yoder and Patricia Aniakudo
    23. Police Force or Police Service: Gender and Emotional Labor, Susan Ehrlich Martin
    24. "Hey, Why Don't You Wear a Shorter Skirt?": Structural Vulnerability and the Organization of Sexual Harrassment in Temporary Clerical Employment, Jackie Krasas Rogers and Kevin D. Henson
    The Managed Hand: The Commercialization of Bodies and Emotions in Korean Immigrant-Owned Nail Salons, Miliann Kang
    26. Chicanas Modernize Domestic Service, Mary Romero
    Unit Five: Policy and Assessment
    *27. Are We There Yet?: Reflections on Work and Family as an Emergent Social Issue, Paula J. Dubeck
    *28. Kaleidoscope Careers: An Alternative Explanation for the "Opt-Out" Revolution, Lisa A. Mainiero and Sherry E. Sullivan
    29. Job Leaves and the Limits of the Family and Medical Leave Act: The Effects of Gender, Race, and Family, Naomi Gerstel and Katherine McGonagle
    *30. Blessing or Curse? Work-Family Policies and Mothers' Wage Growth Over Time, Jennifer Glass
    Appendix I
    2004 Salary Survey from NAFE
    Appendix II
    Data and Information on
    Women's Labor Force Participation
    Charts on Earnings for Full-Time Wage and Salary Workers
    The Wage Gap
    Mothers in the Labor Force

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