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Workers in Industrial America

Essays on the Twentieth Century Struggle

Second Edition

David Brody

Publication Date - March 1993

ISBN: 9780195045048

288 pages
5-5/16 x 8 inches

Retail Price to Students: $104.99


This famous book, representing some of the finest thinking and writing about the history of American labor in the twentieth century, is now revised to incorporate two important recent essays, one surveying the historical study of the CIO from its founding to its fiftieth anniversary in 1985, another placing in historical and comparative perspective the declining fortunes of the labor movement from 1980 to the present. As always, Brody confronts central questions, both substantive and historiographical, focusing primarily on the efforts of laboring people to assert some control over their working lives, and on the equal determination of American business to conserve the prerogatives of management. Long a classic in the field of American labor history, valued by general readers and specialists alike for its brilliance of argument and clarity of style, Workers in Industrial America is now more timely than ever.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 1981

Table of Contents

    1. The American Worker in the Progressive Age: A Comprehensive Analysis.
    2. The Rise and Decline of Welfare Capitalism.
    3. The Emergence of Mass-Production Unionism.
    4. Thinking about Industrial Unionism.
    The New Deal and the Labor Movement (1973)
    John L. Lewis (1978)
    *The CIO after 50 Years: A Historical Reckoning (1985)
    5. The Uses of Power I: Industrial Battleground.
    6. The Uses of Power II: Political Action.
    *7. A Movement in Crisis.
    * New to the Second Edition