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Women's Issues for a New Generation

A Social Work Perspective

Gail Ukockis

Publication Date - 10 June 2016

ISBN: 9780190239398

496 pages
7 x 10 inches

This introductory text on women's issues includes both U.S. and global issues, thus motivating students to see the bigger picture


How do you "hook" a Millennial student into caring about women's issues when feminism has been declared dead for decades? Written in an engaging style that promotes critical thinking, Women's Issues for a New Generation is intended for freshman- and sophomore-level undergraduates who have never heard of Mary Wollstonecraft or Anita Hill. The interdisciplinary text includes three major sections: women in the U.S., women from diverse groups (e.g., Native American and disabled), and women in the global arena. It also stresses the inclusion of men in topics such as body image, since "women's issues" are really issues that affect everyone. Other striking features included the contemporary debates (e.g., War on Women and Hillary Clinton's ambitions) and the current issues such as human trafficking.

Textbooks on gender and women's studies often emphasize theory with the assumption that students already know about women's history, the pay gap, and other basic information; Women's Issues for a New Generation serves as a reader-friendly bridge to more advanced analysis of women and gender. Written by a social worker, this textbook applies social work values and the strength perspective to anyone who is fighting gender inequality.


  • Features a wide variety of sources, from feminist classics to Tumblr posts.
  • Includes illustrations that enliven the text.
  • Includes discussion questions and case studies that deepen students' awareness of how the issues broached in the text affect them.

About the Author(s)

Gail Ukockis, PhD, MSW, MA, is an educator and social worker with an eclectic background that includes graduate studies in history. For eleven years, Dr. Ukockis taught a women's issues course at Ohio Dominican University, which served as the foundation for this textbook. Her research interests also include HIV/AIDS, cultural competence, and human trafficking.


"Women's Issues for a New Generation: A Social Work Perspective is a critical tour de force. Spanning the globe and time--past, present, and future--the scope of this work is staggering. While grounded in serious scholarship, the tone 'keeps it real.' Dr. Ukockis' personal reflections, which are both poignant and humorous, underscore the 'personal is political' credo and challenge readers to take up the call. This book is essential reading for anyone who is a woman or knows one." --Miriam Potocky, PhD, Professor, School of Social Work, Florida International University

"This book is the most thorough, well-researched source available on all aspects of women's issues. Unlike many titles, it covers relevant history leading to the present day on contemporary and ongoing gender concerns. Dr. Ukockis has written an important go-to book for topics from gender identity to rape in the military to diversity among women and women's poverty. Students and scholars of both women's studies and social work will benefit from this text." --Terry Cluse-Tolar, PhD, MSW, Professor, Ohio University

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: A Proud History: Women's Lives Before "Women's Lib"

    Chapter 3: Women's Lib (Second Wave Feminism) and the Backlash

    Chapter 4: The Gender Line

    Chapter 5: Lesbians and Bisexual Women

    Chapter 6: Is the Beauty Standard a Feminist Issue?

    Chapter 7: Rape and Sexual Assault

    Chapter 8: Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence

    Chapter 9: Sex and Consequences

    Chapter 10: The Politics of Work and Motherhood

    Chapter 11: From Teens to Crones: A Lifespan Perspective

    Chapter 12: Diversity and Intersectionality: An Introductory Note

    Chapter 13: Latinas in the U.S.

    Chapter 14: African Americans

    Chapter 15: Asian Americans

    Chapter 16: Native Americans

    Chapter 17: Women with Disabilities

    Chapter 18: Global Feminism

    Chapter 19: Women in Developing Nations in the Age of Globalization

    Chapter 20: Women in Muslim Countries

    Chapter 21: Women in Latin America

    Chapter 22: Women in China

    Chapter 23: Prostitution and the Sex Trade

    Chapter 24: Women and HIV/AIDS

    Chapter 25: Conclusion: A Proud Future

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