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Women and Politics in a Global World

Third Edition

Sarah L. Henderson and Alana S. Jeydel

Publication Date - 15 July 2013

ISBN: 9780199899661

464 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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The only text that provides a global, comparative perspective on women in politics


Women and Politics in a Global World, Third Edition, is the only text that offers a cross-national and comparative examination of the impact of women on politics--and the impact of politics on women. Sarah L. Henderson and Alana S. Jeydel carefully consider women's participation in institutionalized politics, social protest, and nationalist, fundamentalist, and revolutionary movements.

To help make the material more accessible to students, the authors unify their discussions around four core areas:

* The assurance of women's safety and autonomy

* Reproductive rights and health care for mothers and children

* Equal access to employment and public resources

* Women's access to political institutions and positions of authority

New to this Edition

  • Updated all data and many text boxes to reflect recent, relevant changes to the political landscape (i.e. the Arab Spring, the Burmese democratization movement led Aung San Suu Kyi, the controversial outcome of the 2009 presidential elections in Iran)
  • Many of the chapters have new opening stories to reflect how the general issue and/or theme addressed in a particular chapter continues to be relevant in today's world
  • Chapter 4 on women and equal opportunity law demonstrates how the recent economic downturn has impacted women
  • More information on the issue of reproductive rights as a whole
  • Increased coverage of Millennium Development Goals
  • Increased coverage concerning the topic of physical autonomy: current controversies in Egypt regarding virginity testing, stoning cases in Iran, and FGM

About the Author(s)

Sarah L. Henderson is Associate Professor of Political Science at Oregon State University.

Alana S. Jeydel is Professor of Political Science at American River College.

Previous Publication Date(s)

December 2009
January 2007


"Relevant, detailed, and inclusive of women's perspectives and issues from a global vantage point. Both its breadth and depth render this text useful for upper-level undergraduate courses, allowing students to sufficiently explore the complexity of many issues facing women while simultaneously covering an extraordinary breadth of material."--Alisa Von Hagel, Northern Illinois University and Benedictine University

"One of the most current, polished, and comprehensive textbooks that shines a spotlight on women's role and participation in politics."--Kristen Abatsis McHenry, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

"A sweeping and nuanced description of the many political and policy dimensions of women's lives in the world."--Karen M. Kedrowski, Winthrop University

"The case studies discussed in several chapters are a great way to humanize the issues and show the breadth of variation on the policies profiled."--Jody Neathery-Castro, University of Nebraska Omaha

Table of Contents

    Each chapter ends with a Conclusion and For More Information.
    1. Women and Institutional Politics
    Women and Voting
    The Expansion of Suffrage
    Women's Political Participation
    Paths and Barriers to Political Office
    The Impact of Female Legislators, Bureaucrats, and Executives
    Women in Legislatures, Parliaments, and Cabinets
    Women as Executives
    Advancing Women's Equality
    2. Women and Noninstitutional Politics
    Defining Social Movements, Interest Groups, and Women's Movements
    Why Do Women's Movements and Organizations Form?
    Why Do Women Join Women's Movements and Organizations?
    Strategies and Tactics
    The Impact of Women's Movements
    The Rise of Extremist Nationalist and Religious Fundamentalist Movements
    3. Women and Revolutionary Movements
    Defining Revolutions
    Why Do Women Join Revolutionary Movements?
    Marxist Revolutionary Movements
    Liberal/Democratization Movements
    Religious Fundamentalist Movements
    Revolutionary Strategies and Tactics
    The Revolution's Impact on Women
    Marxist Revolutionary Movements
    Liberal/Democratization Movements
    Religious Fundamentalist Movements
    The Arab Spring
    4. Women and Employment
    The Debate over Equal Employment Policies
    Policy Areas
    Equal Pay
    Equality in Hiring, Promotion, and Firing
    Sexual Harassment
    Retirement Income
    Advancing Women's Equality
    5. Women, Work, and Family
    The Debate over Reconciliation Policies
    Policy Areas
    Parental Leave Policies and Family Allowances
    Early Childhood Education and Care
    Advancing Women's Equality
    6. Abortion Politics
    The Debate over Reproductive Rights and Abortion
    The United States
    The Netherlands
    General Themes
    Advancing Women's Equality
    7. Gender, Development, and International Organizations
    The Argument for Gender Equality
    The Status of Gender Equality
    International Development: Designing Policy to Promote Gender Equality
    International Norms and Law
    8. Women and the Global Economy
    Women and Work
    Women in the Global Assembly Line
    Women and Migration
    Rural Women, the Environment, and Sustainable Development
    Women and Economic Crisis
    Advancing Women's Equality
    9. Women and Health
    The Status of Women's Health
    Women and Reproductive Health
    The Problem of Boy Preference
    Women and HIV
    Advancing Women's Equality
    10. Women and Education
    The Status of Women and Education
    Advancing Women's Equality
    11. Women and Sexual Violence During War
    The Intent of Sexual Violence
    Incidents of Sexual Violence
    The Former Yugoslavia
    The Congo
    Sierra Leone
    The Impact of Sexual Violence on Women
    Addressing Sexual Violence Against Women
    Women as Combatants
    What Happens to the Boys?
    12. Women and Physical Autonomy
    Female Genital Cutting
    Virginity Tests
    Women's Bodies as Whipping Posts
    Addressing Women's Physical Autonomy

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