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Where Darwin Meets the Bible

Creationists and Evolutionists in America

Larry A. Witham

Publication Date - 12 May 2005

ISBN: 9780195182811

344 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Now in paperback--A comprehensive and evenhanded account of the debate between creationists and evolutionists


The conflict between creationists and evolutionists has raged ever since the publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859. And yet, even as generations of Americans have fought and re-fought the same battles, the contours of the debate have in recent years shifted dramatically.
Tracking the dizzying rhetorical heights and opportunistic political lows of this controversy, Larry Witham travels to America's churches, schools, universities, museums, and government agencies to present creationists and evolutionists in their own unfiltered voices. We meet leading creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design such as Michael Behe; evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins; and theistic scientists who describe how they reconcile God and Nature.
Today, Biblical literalism is tempered by the Intelligent Design movement, which finds evidence of God's presence in nature's patterns. The once-dominant "young earth" school has been replaced by a creationism that conscripts the language of science to advance the creationist cause. Meanwhile, evolutionary scientists hesitate to point out gaps in their theories for fear that such self-scrutiny could serve as fodder for anti-evolution propaganda.
In an age marked both by a rising religious tide and daily scientific breakthroughs, Where Darwin Meets the Bible provides the standard account of this lasting conflict.

About the Author(s)

Larry Witham, a veteran Washington D.C. journalist, has written widely on science and religion topics, including as a former reporter with The Washington Times. He is the author of eight books.


"Where Darwin Meets the Bible is the best one-stop account of who's who (and what's what) in the creation-evolution conflict."--Charles Haynes, Senior Scholar, First Amendment Center

"...an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the complex and often divisive debate over the legitimacy of Darwinian evolution...the new standard introduction for those interested in familiarizing themselves with contemporary critiques and defenses of evolutionary theory, but wary of the propagandist tendencies of many recent popular texts."--Religious Studies Review

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