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Voyage Inside the Cell

Christian Sardet and Andreas Koch

Publication Date - September 2004

ISBN: 9780878937554

DVD (Video)

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Spectacular computer-generated images transport us inside a living cell


In this film, spectacular computer-generated images transport us inside a living cell. We follow a hormone as it passes through the cell membrane and cytoplasm, and enters the nucleus where we see the magnificent ballet of mitosis, the replication of DNA and the separation of chromosomes to form two daughter cells. A lively narrative text and original music accompany the images.

The stereoscopic 3D version of this film is already being shown to enthusiastic audiences in science centers across Europe.

About the Author(s)

Christian Sardet, a research director of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, leads a team of cell biologists at the Marine Station in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France. He is the author of several films, including Fertilization: The Story of Sperm and Eggs with images taken through the microscope.

Andreas Koch and Laurent Larsonneur founded Digital Studio, based in Paris, France, in 1993. Its multimedia products and computer-animated films, developed for private enterprise, institutions, science centers, and theme parks are distributed world-wide.


"The remarkable graphics really bring home in detail the large number of molecular processes and gadgets responsible for the behavior of a cell, including DNA replication and cellular division. Astonishing!"--Francis Crick, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Table of Contents

    1. Membranes, Hormones, & Receptors
    2. Signals & Calcium
    3. Endocytosis
    4. Mitochondria, Microtubules, & Motors
    5. Cytoplasm & Centrosome
    6. Inside the Nucleus: Genes
    7. Nuclear Receptors & Micromachines
    8. The Structure of DNA
    9. DNA Makes RNA
    10. From DNA to Chromosomes
    11. Mitosis & Cell Division

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