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Second Edition

Peter Francis and Clive Oppenheimer

Publication Date - 25 December 2003

ISBN: 9780199254699

536 pages

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Explore the impact of volcanic eruptions on the Earth's environment--a cause of debate and extensive research by leading academics worldwide.


The second edition of Volcanoes discusses the impact of volcanic eruptions on the Earth's environment-a cause of debate and extensive research by leading academics worldwide. Featuring excellent illustrations, the text includes a new chapter on volcanic hazards, which looks at complex scientific and sociological issues surrounding risk mitigation. In addition, it provides updated information on new eruptions, research findings, and planetary studies while preserving the strengths of the first edition-accessibility, clarity, and wit. Volcanoes, 2/e is ideal for undergraduate courses in geology, earth science, geography, environmental science and planetary science.


  • Preserves the particular strengths of the first edition in its immense clarity, engaging humour and excellent illustrations
  • Clear accounts of new findings and new eruptions (such as that on Montserrat)
  • A comprehensive new chapter on volcanic hazards clearly explains the complex scientific and sociological issus involved with risk mitigation
  • A complete insight into various studies, including Mars and Jupiter, which adds an exciting planetary perspective to the book
  • Clear narrative writing style maintains reader interest and is designed to engage students across a range of disciplines

About the Author(s)

The late Dr. Peter Francis was a Reader in the Department of Earth Sciences at the Open University and Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Clive Oppenheimer is a University Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 1993

Table of Contents

    1. The Basics: isotopes and green cheese
    2. Keeping planets cool: volcanoes, hot-spots, and plate tectonics
    3. Four Classic Eruptions
    4. Magma - the hot stuff
    5. Types of volcanic activity
    6. Lava Flows
    7. Pyroclastic eruptions: bubbles, bangs, fountains and plumes
    8. What goes up must come down: pyroclastic fall deposits
    9. Pyroclastic flows and igmibrites
    10. Pyroclastic flows: surges
    11. Pyroclastic flows: nuees ardentes
    12. Debris avalanches and flows: magic carpets and muck
    13. Supervolcanoes and calderas
    14. Submarine silicic eruptions
    15. Volcanoes as landscape forms
    16. Eruptions and climate
    17. Extraterrestrial volcanoes
    18. Volcano monitoring and hazard assessment
    19. Volcanic risk mitigation