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US Foreign Policy 3e

Third Edition

Edited by Michael Cox and Doug Stokes

Publication Date - 17 July 2018

ISBN: 9780198707578

496 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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A comprehensive overview of America's role in international politics


Giving students a perspective on US foreign policy that is critical and connected, US Foreign Policy, Third Edition, is the student toolkit for navigating the ever-changing dynamics of the subject area.

Using the book, students learn how to critically assess US foreign policy, as they are presented with diverse political perspectives and given the tools to come to their own conclusions.

Carefully developed "major debates" and "controversies" features help students to connect theory with the real-world politics.

As policy continues to change before our eyes, US Foreign Policy, Third Edition, brings together the world's leading experts in the field to provide the most comprehensive overview of America's ever-changing role in international politics.

This new edition reflects the legacy of the Obama administration, the unfurling impacts of President Trump, and the American role in world affairs. It includes new chapters on gender, religion, East Asia, and the Liberal International Order.

The following online resources for students and lecturers accompany the book:

For students:
Interactive map detailing U.S. foreign policy by region
Multiple choice questions

For lecturers:
Essay and seminar questions

New to this Edition

  • Fully updated to cover Obama's second term and President Trump's evolving foreign policy, helping students to understand the dynamics of contemporary US foreign policy
  • New chapters on gender, religion, East Asia, and the Liberal International Order respond to developments in the field, to enable students to consider the full impact of, and factors affecting, US foreign policy


  • Equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject by providing an unrivaled breadth of coverage
  • Helps students connect theory with real life, using carefully developed "debates" and "controversies" features
  • A leading team of international scholars from three continents offer students a broad range of perspectives

About the Author(s)

Michael Cox is Professor Emeritus of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Director of LSE IDEAS--the top ranked university affiliated Think Tank in Europe.

Doug Stokes is Professor of International Relations, Director of the Centre for Advanced International Studies and Faculty Director of Post-Graduate Research at the University of Exeter.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 2012
May 2008

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introduction to US Foreign Policy
    1. Introduction
    2. Theories of US foreign policy
    3. American Exceptionalism
    Part 2: Historical Contexts
    4. The US rise to world power 1776-1945
    5. American foreign policy during the Cold War
    6. America in the 1990s
    7. Obama and smart power
    Part 3: Institutions and Processes
    8. The foreign policy process
    9. Regional shifts and US foreign policy
    10. Media and US foreign Policy
    11. Gender and US foreign Policy
    12. Religion and US foreign Policy
    Part 4: The United States and the World
    13. US foreign policy in the Middle East
    14. The USA and the EU
    15. US foreign policy in Russia
    16. The USA, China and rising Asia
    17. US foreign policy in Latin America
    18. US foreign policy in Africa
    Part 5: Key Issues
    19. Global economy
    20. Global terrorism
    21. Global environment
    Part 6: Futures and Scenarios
    22. US primacy or decline?: a debate
    23. Future of the Liberal Order
    24. Future of the Transatlantic Alliance

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