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U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900

Sixth Edition

Robert D. Schulzinger

Publication Date - 15 December 2007

ISBN: 9780195320497

432 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Distinguished by its combination of narrative and analysis and by its in-depth explanations of how and why policy is created, this dynamic text is an invaluable resource for students and scholars.


Interest in U.S. foreign relations has soared to great heights in the early twenty-first century. Long admired as the most comprehensive and accessible American diplomacy survey available, U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900 has never been more relevant. Now in its sixth edition, the book chronicles the major events in the history of U.S. foreign relations, from the Spanish-American-Philippine War to the present. In this engaging narrative, Robert D. Schulzinger discusses public ideas about foreign relations and explains how U.S. foreign policy is made; he places U.S. foreign relations in the context of the growing interdependence and globalization of international affairs.

Updated to include a complete account of the second Bush administration, the new edition also addresses the developments that both preceded and followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the aftermath of this violence, Schulzinger considers whether the U.S. has become an empire and, if so, how that empire is defined. The sixth edition also provides updated, streamlined, and enhanced material throughout and features an array of vibrant new photographs.

In this dynamic text, students will encounter the latest scholarship in the history of international affairs, which incorporates valuable insights from related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities--including work on gender, race, ethnicity, and intellectual history. Distinguished by its combination of narrative and analysis and by its in-depth explanations of how and why policy is created, U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900, Sixth Edition, is an invaluable resource for students of diplomatic history, foreign relations, and political science.

Previous Publication Date(s)

December 2001
January 1998


"U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900 remains the best book on twentieth-century American diplomacy. Schulzinger has mixed depth, breadth, and brevity in the right proportions. No other author covers the same material with the clarity, organization, and humor of Schulzinger."--Stephen Tootle, University of Northern Colorado

"U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900 is fresh and it makes my students think; it has increased class discussion exponentially."--Claude Hargrove, Fayetteville State University

Table of Contents

    1. The Setting of U.S. Foreign Policy
    2. The United States as a World Power, 1898-1908
    3. The Diplomacy of the Dollar, 1909-1920
    4. The United States in the Great War, 1914-1920
    5. An Era of Conservative Internationalism, 1921-1929
    6. The Diplomacy of Depression, 1930-1939
    7. The Politics of Coalition Warfare, 1939-1945
    8. The Early Cold War, 1945-1952
    9. Eisenhower's New Look, 1953-1960
    10. Cold War Dangers, 1961-1968
    11. The Rise and Fall of Détente, 1969-1976
    12. A Respite and a Renewal of the Cold War, 1977-1980
    13. The End of the Cold War, 1981-1992
    14. The Mixed Blessings of Globalization, 1993-2000
    15. Global Disorders in the Twenty-First Century
    Selected Bibliography

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