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UNIX Programming

Methods and Tools

James F. Peters, III

Publication Date - 08 June 1995

ISBN: 9780155930216

464 pages


This text is written especially for undergraduates and designed to provide them with a thorough grounding in the UNIX technology. The text provides complete coverage of AT&T's System V UNIX and shell programming with both Bourne Shell and the C Shell. It features an in-depth introduction to ASK (a pattern scanning and processing language) and sed (stream editor). Procedure design is emphasized throughout. Reflecting its origin as a text written expressly for undergraduates, the text has exceptionally strong and diverse pedagogy and exercises. As a reference tool for users, the book is invaluable, a rich and diverse source of information in one convenient volume.

Table of Contents

    1. Discovering UNIX
    2. Files and Directories
    3. Processors and the Shell
    4. Command Procedures
    5. Procedure Design
    6. Filters and Stream Editing
    7. awk Programming Methods
    8. The Joy C Shell Commands Handbook
    Appendix A. Tables
    Appendix B. Guide to Editing with se
    Appendix C. Guide to Editing with vi
    Appendix D. Sample C Programs
    Appendix E. Cross-Reference of Shell Procedures and Commands

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