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Understanding Strategic Management

Third Edition

Anthony E. Henry

Publication Date - May 2018

ISBN: 9780199662470

376 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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The most complete introduction for students looking for a briefer guide to strategic management, packed with real-life examples and an emphasis on the essential tools of analysis


Understanding Strategic Management is the ideal introduction to strategy for students in one-semester courses who require an informative yet practical approach. The book's four-part structure defines the concept of strategy before using the overarching strategic framework of analysis, formulation, and implementation to show how strategy can be used to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in business.

Making use of chapter maps and learning objectives to guide students through the complexities of the subject, the author conveys the realities of strategic management through a diverse selection of international and contemporary examples. "Strategy in Focus" boxes use examples from popular media to show how strategic management issues appear in the headlines we read every day. A longer, integrated "Case Example" closes every chapter, tying in multiple strategic challenges that affect businesses of all kinds. Review and discussion questions then encourage students to be critical of the material and to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

Students may extend their learning with additional material available in the online resources. Written by the author, Extension Material is broken up by chapter. Unique "Working through Strategy" materials give students opportunities to practice essential techniques such as PEST analysis and scenario planning.


For students:
*Internet exercises
*Extension Material
*Working through Strategy
*Multiple-choice questions
*Additional recommended resources

For lecturers:
*Test bank
*Further case material
*Answers to discussion questions
*PowerPoint slides
*Figures and tables from the book

New to this Edition

  • New coverage of disruptive innovation, dynamic capabilities, and Blue Ocean Strategy, as well as additional frameworks such as economies and diseconomies of scale, the industry life cycle, and the VRIO framework
  • New contemporary examples including the unconventional workings of Ryanair, disruptive innovation at Netflix, and the plausibility of electric cars
  • Part Two: Strategic Analysis has been streamlined by incorporating coverage of organizational performance into Chapter 4
  • Each chapter now features a single, longer closing Case Example, written by the author
  • New online questions, exercises, and case studies
  • A new text design and new photos throughout


  • A four-part structure and clear approach expertly guide students through the processes of strategic management, from analysis to formulation and implementation
  • Contemporary, real-life examples and case studies from a diverse range of business situations illustrate how the core theories operate in practice, revealing the successes but also the pitfalls of different strategic approaches
  • Extensive online resources, clearly integrated with the book, provide additional material to further understanding and offer practical exercises on the key tools of analysis
  • A user-friendly writing style is complemented by a wealth of learning features, diagrams, and photos to encourage students to actively engage in critique and analysis

About the Author(s)

Anthony E. Henry is a Teaching Fellow at Aston Business School.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 2011
December 2007


"This is a neat and concise text providing one of the clearest how-to guides to strategy."--Mark Toon, University of Cardiff

"I have used Henry's text for years. It is concise and yet contains most if not all aspects of classical strategic management learning."--Mike Davies, University of Winchester

Table of Contents

    Part One: What is Strategy?
    1. What is Strategy?
    Part Two: Strategic Analysis
    2. Evaluating the Macro-environment
    3. Industry Analysis
    4. The Internal Environment: Value-Creating Activities
    5. The Internal Environment: A Resource-Based View of Strategy
    Part Three: Strategy Formulation
    6. Business Strategy
    7. Corporate Strategy
    8. International Strategy
    Part Four: Strategy Implementation
    9. Organizational Structures and Strategic Change
    10. Strategic Leadership
    11. Corporate Governance

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