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An Interactive Virtual Electron Microscope

Joel E. Schechter and Ruth I. Wood

Publication Date - 08 April 2005

ISBN: 9780878938919


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Provides a comprehensive view of cells and tissues at the ultrastructural level in a digital format


In traditional medical histology courses, students have often used individual electron microscopic images to supplement their study of tissues at the light microscopic level. This new CD, Ultrastructure: An Interactive Virtual Electron Microscope, provides, in digital format, a more comprehensive view of cells and tissues at the ultrastructural level. Images (314 total, from 54 different specimens) were photographed on a Jeol 1200 EX-1 electron microscope; each slide includes one or more views at increasing magnification. Labels (revealed on rollover) amplify and explain fundamental aspects of the cell and tissue biology relevant to premedical science majors, medical students, and other students in allied health professions.

About the Author(s)

Joel E. Schechter and Ruth I Wood are Professors in the Department of Cell and Neurobiology at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.

Table of Contents

    Neural & Visual



    Skin & Immune






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