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Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology

Second Edition

Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

Publication Date - May 2014

ISBN: 9780199325924

432 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $55.95

The most student-oriented book available for environmental sociology courses


Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology introduces undergraduates to the topic in an innovative way. Instead of compiling articles from professional journals, this reader presents twenty classroom-tested "lessons" from dedicated, experienced teachers and researchers in the field. Building the collection on the model of a successful undergraduate classroom experience, the coeditors asked the contributors to choose a topic, match it with their favorite lecture, and construct a lesson to reflect the way that they teach it in the classroom. The result is an engaging and versatile volume that presents the core ideas of environmental sociology in concise, accessible chapters.

New to this Edition

  • Three brand new lessons--Lesson 9 on Energy, Lesson 12 on Food, and Lesson 15 on Climate Change and Denial
  • Updated data and examples in all lessons
  • Opening photos for each chapter
  • New Glossary/Index with key terms and definitions
  • An Ancillary Resource Center with discussion questions and other features

About the Author(s)

Kenneth A. Gould is Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, and Professor of Sociology and Earth and Environmental Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Tammy L. Lewis is Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, and Professor of Sociology and Earth and Environmental Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Gould and Lewis are coauthors of Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology (OUP, 2013) and Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology (OUP, 2012).

Previous Publication Date(s)

August 2008


"I built my environmental sociology syllabus around this book. Twenty Lessons provides an excellent introduction to topics studied by environmental sociologists. The critical/political economy perspectives reflect most thinking in environmental sociology today, which is not--unfortunately--reflected by the majority of textbooks in the field. That makes this particular book very important."--Eric Bonds, University of Colorado-Boulder

"Twenty Lessons is an excellent reader for an environmental sociology course. It provides a great group of essays by distinguished scholars in the field. It is one of the top books for an undergraduate environmental sociology course out there."--Stefano B. Longo, University of Illinois, Springfield

Table of Contents

    An Introduction to Environmental Sociology, Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

    Part 1: Theory

    Lesson 1: The Social Construction of Nature: Of Computers, Butterflies, Dogs, and Trucks, Stella M. Capek

    Lesson 2: Theories in Environmental Sociology, Luiz C. Barbosa

    Part 2: Systemic Causes of Environmental Destruction

    Lesson 3: The State and Policy: Imperialism, Exclusion, and Ecological Violence as State Policy, David Naguib Pellow

    Lesson 4: Labor Productivity and the Environment, Allan Schnaiberg

    Lesson 5: Corporate Power: The Role of the Global Media in Shaping What We Know About the Environment, Elizabeth H. Campbell

    Lesson 6: The Science of Nature and the Nature of Science, Richard York

    Lesson 7: Technological Change and the Environment, Kenneth A. Gould

    Lesson 8: Population, Demography, and the Environment, Diane C. Bates

    Lesson 9: Energy, Society, and the Environment, Shannon Bell

    Part 3: Some Social Consequences of Environmental Disruption

    Lesson 10: Environmental Inequality and Environmental Justice, Michael Mascarenhas

    Lesson 11: The Sociology of Environmental Health, Sabrina McCormick

    Lesson 12: Producing and Consuming Food: Justice and Sustainability in a Globalized World?, Jason Konefal and Maki Hatanaka

    Lesson 13: From Farms to Factories: The Environmental Consequences of Swine Industrialization in North Carolina, Adam Driscoll and Bob Edwards

    Lesson 14: Understanding Disaster Vulnerability: Floods and Hurricanes, Nicole Youngman

    Lesson 15: Normalizing the Unthinkable: Climate Denial and Everyday Life, Kari Norgaard

    Part 4: Some Social Responses to Environmental Disruption

    Lesson 16: U.S. Environmental Movements, Robert J. Brulle

    Lesson 17: Labor and the Environment, Brian K. Obach

    Lesson 18: Environmental Movements in the Global South, Tammy L. Lewis

    Lesson 19: Indigenous Cultures: Environmental Knowledge, Practice, and Rights, Bahram Tavakolian

    Lesson 20: The Paradoxes of Sustainable Development: Focus on Ecotourism, Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

    Conclusion: Unanswered Questions and the Future of Environmental Sociology, Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis