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Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous

George Berkeley
Edited by Jonathan Dancy

Publication Date - May 1998

ISBN: 9780198751496

192 pages

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First published in 1713, this work was designed as a vivid and persuasive presentation of the remarkable picture of reality that Berkeley had first presented two years earlier in his Principles. His central claim there, as here, was that the world is not material but mental. Berkeley uses this thesis as the ground for a new argument for the existence of God, and the dialogue form enables him to raise and respond to many of the natural objections to his position. This volume uses the 1734 edition of the text, supplemented by an analysis of the Dialogues and a glossary.

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introductory Material
    How to Use this Book
    Editor's Introduction
    1. Why read the Dialogues?
    2. Berkeley's Life
    3. Synopsis of the Dialogues
    4. Berkeley's Metaphysical System
    5. The Main Arguments
    6. Berkeley's Philosophical Purposes
    7. Berkeley's Intellectual Antecedents
    8. Special Topics: Pyrrhonism; Substance; Science
    9. The Relation between the Dialogues and the Principles
    The Text Printed in this Edition; Bibliography and Further Reading; Analysis of the Dialogues
    Part 2: The Text
    Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous
    Dialogue I
    Dialogue II
    Dialogue III
    Part 3: Glossary, Notes, and Index
    Notes to the Dialogues