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Therapeutic Games and Guided Imagery Volume II

Tools for Professionals Working with Children and Adolescents with Specific Needs and in Multicultural Settings

Edited by Monit Cheung

Publication Date - July 2014

ISBN: 9780190615451

278 pages
6 x 8.9 inches

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Therapeutic Games and Guided Imagery is packed with tools for social workers, counselors, school professionals, students, and other helping professionals in the medical and mental health fields. The exercises included are both innovative and empirically tested; they aim to help clients increase the benefits of psychotherapy within a relatively short time. Professor Cheung has structured the books with tables and a cross-referenced index to facilitate easy and efficient navigation of the many step-by-step activities and exercises.

The interactive exercises contained in Volume Two are designed for children and adolescents with specific needs and in multicultural settings. Based on literature supporting the use of games and guided imagery for children with specific needs, the materials included provide a basis for innovative and creative engagement with children and families, enabling diverse solutions for diverse needs. The volume also includes a number of multilingual exercises and several examples of the guided imagery available for download.


  • Recordings of all of the guided imagery techniques are available for download and can be used in class or in practice sessions. The address to download these recordings is available with the book.
  • emphasis on client and practitioner collaboration in designing more effective exercise modifications
  • emphasis on client and practitioner collaboration in designing more effective exercise modifications
  • cites evidence-based literature to inform multicultural applications

About the Author(s)

Monit Cheung (PhD, MSW, MA, Ohio State) is professor and chair of the clinical practice concentration in the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston. Cheung is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in family counseling, child and adolescent counseling, and incest survivor treatment.

Table of Contents

    Introduction: Evidence-Based Therapeutic Practice
    Therapeutic Exercises
    Part A Therapeutic Games and Activities
    Part B Guided Imagery
    Final Words: Solution-Focused Questions
    About the Author and Contributors
    Index of Exercises

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