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The World since 1945

A Concise History

Keith Robbins

Publication Date - August 2002

ISBN: 9780192803146

288 pages


Keith Robbins' accessible and stimulating account of world history since 1945 provides a framework for making sense of the political and social developments of the period. The focus is firmly on global political interaction. The underlying theme of the book is the tension between the world conceived as a unity and as a diversity. From this perspective, the author discusses the impulse towards globalization in the aftermath of the Second World War, the divisions inherent in the Cold War, and the shifting allegiances and conflicts in the decades which followed.


  • A concise outline of the history of the whole world since 1945 in a single, affordable paperback
  • Accessible and stimulating introduction, assuming little or no background knowledge on the readers' part
  • Chapters focus conveniently on particular decades, so that the book can be read in its entirety or as separate essays
  • Discusses the impact of decolonization, the twists and turns of the Cold War, regionalization and globalization, and the collapse of communism.
  • Robbins also broaches the subject of a 'New World Order'

About the Author(s)

Keith Robbins was educated in Bristol and at Magdalen and St Anthony's Colleges, Oxford. He has taught at the University of York, Glasgow University, and the University of Wales, Lampeter, where he is now Vice-Chancellor. He is the author of numerous books on British and world history.


"Keith Robbins presents a succinct and engaging introduction to the post-war world. It takes a historian of skill and poise to chart a trail across such a complicated landscape."--Norman Davies, author of Europe: A History

Table of Contents

    1. Towards One World? The Year 1945
    2. Cold Division c.1945-c.1953
    3. Confrontational Coexistence c.1953-1965
    4. Devious Decades 1965-1975
    5. Turbulent Transition 1975-1985
    6. Brave New World? 1985-
    Further Reading