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The United States and China

Into the Twenty-First Century

Fourth Edition

Michael Schaller

Publication Date - 15 July 2015

ISBN: 9780190200060

248 pages
5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

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Examines more than a century of Chinese-American turmoil from a dual perspective


From the Opium Wars of the 1840s, to the Red Scare of the 1940s, through the Tiananmen Square "massacre" of 1989, and the Wen Ho Lee "espionage case" of 2000, Chinese-American relations have swung like a pendulum throughout the years. Now in its fourth edition and thoroughly revised and updated, The United States and China: Into the Twenty-First Century looks at more than a century of Chinese-American turmoil from a dual perspective, examining how two dramatically different cultures interacted, cooperated, and collided.

New to this Edition

  • New coverage of post-2001 events, focusing on the rise of China as an economic and military power
  • New emphasis on cultural interaction and clashes in early chapters
  • Completely rewritten chapters on the 1950s-90s (Chapters 8-12) based on new documentation and scholarship examining the roots of the Cold War conflict between the U.S. and China, and how and why the Nixon administration broke the logjam
  • New discussion of charges--raised in the 1990s and beyond--that China has tried to influence U.S. politics and steal secrets
  • Expanded discussion of the role of Taiwan in U.S.-China relations since Nixon

About the Author(s)

Michael Schaller is Regents Professor of History at The University of Arizona.

Previous Publication Date(s)

January 2002
April 1990
November 1979

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: The American Discovery of China
    Chapter 2: Asia in Disorder, 1890s-1936
    Chapter 3: From the Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor
    Chapter 4: The Chinese-American Alliance
    Chapter 5: Americans Encounter the Chinese Revolution
    Chapter 6: Who Lost China? From the Marshall Mission to Creation of the People's Republic of China
    Chapter 7: Red Scare and Yellow Peril
    Chapter 8: Chinese-American Estrangement, 1953-1960
    Chapter 9: China, the New Frontier, and the Vietnam War, 1961-1969
    Chapter 10: Only Nixon Could Go to China
    Chapter 11: From Tacit Allies to Tiananmen
    Chapter 12: Beyond Tiananmen, 1992-2001
    Chapter 13: China Ascending, 2001-2015

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