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The Study of Liturgy

Revised Edition

Edited by Cheslyn Jones, Edward Yarnold, SJ, Geoffrey Wainwright, and Paul Bradshaw

Publication Date - October 1992

ISBN: 9780195209228

646 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Completely revised to incorporate new scholarship and many important developments in liturgical renewal, this standard text remains an essential tool for students of theology and liturgy. It treats the development of the liturgy historically, beginning with Jewish antecedents, then covering the New Testament, Patristic, Medieval, and Reformation periods, and concluding with the increasing interest in liturgy in all churches today. The text deals definitively with the five central rites of Christian worship: Initiation, the Eucharist, Ordination, the Daily Office, and the Calendar. A special section on liturgical settings examines in detail the historical importance of music and singing in the liturgy and the role of hymnody in Christian worship. Reflecting the continuing trend towards ecumenism, the editors represent the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Protestant traditions, while the Orthodox tradition is represented by the team of contributors, which includes many of the best-known liturgical scholars.

Previous Publication Date(s)

October 1978

Table of Contents

    PART ONE: Theology and Rite
    1. A Theology of Worship, J.D. Crichton
    2. The Word of God in Worship: Preaching in Relationship to Liturgy, Carol M. Norén
    3. Ritual, Mark Searle
    PART TWO: The Development of the Liturgy
    1. The Periods of Liturgical History, Geoffrey Wainwright
    2. The Jewish Background to Christian Worship, R.T. Beckwith
    3. The Letter of Pliny, D.H. Tripp
    4. Gnosticism, D.H. Tripp
    5. The Mysteries, D.H. Tripp
    6. The Didache, Frank Hawkins
    7. The Apostolic Tradition, The Editors
    8. Church Orders, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    9. The Euchologium of Sarapion, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    10. Baptismal Catechesis, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    11. Egeria's Pilgrimage, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    12. Liturgical Books, D.M. Hope, rev. G. Woolfenden
    13. Thomas Cranmer and the Prayer Book, R.T. Beckwith
    14. The Prayer Book after Cranmer, R.T. Beckwith
    1. From New Testament Times until St. Cyprian, K.W. Noakes
    2. The Early Syrian Rites, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    3. The Fourth and Fifth Centuries, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    4. The West from about AD 500 to the Reformation, J.D.C. Fischer and E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    5. The Byzantine Rite, W. Jardine Grisbrooke
    6. Lutheran, Anglican, and Reformed Rites, J.D.C. Fischer
    7. The Radical Reformation, D.H. Tripp
    8. The Modern Period, Peter Hinchliff, Rev. C. Brock and The Editors
    1. The New Testament, C.P.M. Jones, rev. C.J.A. Hickling
    2. From the Apostolic Fathers to Irenaeus, K.W. Noakes
    3. The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus, Peter G. Cobb
    4. The Anaphora of Addai and Mari, Peter G. Cobb
    5. The Liturgy of the Word in the Early Church, Peter G. Cobb
    6. The Liturgy of the Faithful in the Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries, E.J. Yarnold, SJ
    7. The Patristic Theology of the Eucharist, R.J. Halliburton
    8. The Byzantine Liturgy from the Apostolic Constitutions to the Present Day, Hugh Wybrew
    9. The Medieval Western Rites, D.M. Hope, rev. G. Woolfenden
    10. From Trent to Vatican II, Clifford Howell, SJ
    11. Protestantism and the Eucharist, D.H. Tripp
    12. The Anglican Eucharist: From the Reformation to the Restoration, R.T. Beckwith
    13. The Eucharist in Anglicanism after 1662, Alan Dunstan
    14. Methodism, D.H. Tripp
    15. Recent Eucharistic Revision, Geoffrey Wainwright
    1. Orders and Ordination in the New Testament, Frank Hawkins
    2. The Tradition of the Ordination in the Second Century to the Time of Hippolytus, Frank Hawkins
    3. Theology and Rite, AD 200-400, Paul F. Bradshaw
    4. The Early History of the Roman Rites of Ordination,, Frank Hawkins
    5. Eastern Rites of Ordination, Paul F. Bradshaw
    6. Medieval Ordinations, Paul F. Bradshaw
    7. Reformation Churches, Paul F. Bradshaw
    8. Recent Developments, Paul F. Bradshaw
    1. The First Three Centuries, Paul F. Bradshaw
    2. The Formative Period--Cathedral and Monastic Offices, Jardine Grisbrooke
    3. The Office in the West: The Early Middle Ages, J.D. Crichton
    4. The Office in the West: The Later Middle Ages, J.D. Crichton
    5. The Office in the West: The Roman Rite from the Sixteenth Century, J.D. Crichton
    6. The Office in the Anglican Communion, G.J. Cuming
    7. The Office in the Lutheran, Reformed, and Free Churches, H. Tripp
    1. The History of the Christian Year, Peter G. Cobb
    2. The Sanctoral, Kevin Donovan, SJ
    1. Ceremonial, Hugh Wybrew
    2. Music and Singing in the Liturgy, J. Gelineau, SJ
    3. Hymnody in Christian Worship, Alan Dunstan
    4. The Language of Worship, Geoffrey Wainwright
    5. The Architectural Setting of the Liturgy, Peter G. Cobb
    6. Vestments, W. Jardine Grisbrooke
    7. The Continuing Tradition of the Church, Geoffrey Wainwright
    1. Liturgy and Pastoral Service, D.H. Tripp
    Index of Subjects
    Index of Names