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The Savvy Academic

Publishing in the Social and Health Sciences

Seth J. Schwartz

Publication Date - 16 November 2021

ISBN: 9780190095918

560 pages
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches

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Uncovering the secrets to success in academic publishing at all stages of the process, this book serves as the ultimate tool for students, fellows, and scholarly professionals of a broad range of experiences who are looking to launch or elevate their scholarly publication career.


This approachable guide meets health and social sciences scholars at their level--either as a reference text or as an enchanting but practical read--and walks them through each stage of their academic publishing journey. Drawing on a wealth of examples from his own experience mentoring others and publishing 300+ articles, Dr. Schwartz engages early, mid-, and senior-level professionals as well as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows alike, to demystify each stage of the writing and publishing process. Employing a reader-friendly, accessible voice, Dr. Schwartz's style captivates readers across disciplines, with a refreshing, can-do perspective.

Before diving in, the author relates his own personal story in scholarly publishing, inviting all academics to unlock the high-impact writer within. The next set of chapters tackle the nuts and bolts of the academic publishing process, with basics such as topic selection, data analysis for publication, writing preparation, drafting and editing manuscripts, and journals submissions. The book advances into more innovative topics that can be simultaneously intimidating and rewarding, including recruiting and collaborating with coauthors, developing a network, navigating the peer review process, publishing nonempirical papers, getting creative with rejected manuscripts, foraying into Open Access and fee-based publishing, and even how to publish a book or book chapter.

Designed as a digital mentor, The Savvy Academic is the ultimate tool for students, fellows, and scholarly professionals of a broad range of experiences in the health and social sciences who are looking to launch or elevate their scholarly publication career.


  • Written in an approachable, reader-friendly voice that captivates academics of all levels in the health and social sciences
  • Covers a broad range of innovative and challenging topics in academic publishing, including Open Access and fee-based publishing, publishing nonempirical papers, and working with rejected manuscripts
  • Each chapter opens with learning objectives and concludes with a chapter summary
  • Designed as a reference text or an easy read for scholars in health and social sciences

About the Author(s)

Seth J. Schwartz is a Professor of Kinesiology and Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include identity, acculturation, cultural stress, crisis migration, family relationships, substance use, wellbeing, and mental health among adolescents and emerging adults and their families. Dr. Schwartz has 344 scholarly publications, including more than 100 where a student, postdoctoral fellow, or early career scholar is the lead author. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Intercultural Relations and has reviewed hundreds of manuscripts in his career. Dr. Schwartz is a native New Yorker and has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 21 years. They have two teenage daughters.


"In stolid, workmanlike prose, Schwartz... thus delivers an exhaustive primer on how to produce publishable research in his and allied fields: fields where much of the writing, like it or not, is 'mechanical and formulaic'(149)." -- Steven E. Gump, Princeton University, Journal of Scholarly Publishing

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Getting Started and Selecting a Topic
    Chapter 2: Designing a Publishable Study
    Chapter 3: Key Principles in Ethical Data Analysis and Handling Conflicts of Interest
    Chapter 4: Developing an Outline
    Chapter 5: Getting Ready to Write
    Chapter 6: Principles of Good Writing
    Chapter 7: Plagiarism, Citations, and Paraphrasing
    Chapter 8: Writing a First Draft
    Chapter 9: Editing, Filling in Gaps, and Cutting
    Chapter 10: Selecting a Target Journal
    Chapter 11: Thinking Like a Reviewer
    Chapter 12: The Journal Review Process: Decision Letters, Reviewer Comments,
    and Author Responses
    Chapter 13: What to Do with Rejected Manuscripts
    Chapter 14: Working with Coauthors
    Chapter 15: Working with Public-Use and Proprietary Datasets
    Chapter 16: Publishing Non-Empirical Papers
    Chapter 17: Open Access and Pay-to-Publish Journals
    Chapter 18: Books and Book Chapters
    Chapter 19: Conclusion