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The Peoples of the British Isles

A New History. From Prehistoric Times to 1688

Samantha A Meigs and Stanford E. Lehmberg

Publication Date - 01 June 2016

ISBN: 9780190656690

284 pages

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The Peoples of the British Isles examines the conflicts and commonalities among the peoples of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales from prehistoric times to the present. The series focuses throughout on the lives of real people-how they made a living, organized their society and institutions, related to each other, and understood themselves and their world.

The new edition of these books features a fuller treatment of the Celtic countries and expanded and integrated content on both popular culture and the changing roles of women in society throughout history. Volume I covers the development of the Four Nations of the British Isles from the prehistoric era up to the revolution of 1688.


  • Covers the formation and evolution of national identities within the British Isles
  • Discusses emerging religious identities and beliefs from the medieval to the early modern periods
  • Explores the interconnections between the British Kingdoms and the European contient
  • Uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating literature, archeology, art, linguistics, place-name studies, and oral traditions

About the Author(s)

Samantha A. Meigs (BA, MA, University of Colorado; PhD, Northwestern University) is associate professor of history at the University of Indianapolis. She received a Fulbright Fellowship for research in Ireland and an NEH Summer Grant for her research on Highland Scotland, and is author of The Reformations in Ireland: Tradition and Confessionalism,1400-1690.

Stanford E. Lehmberg (Ph.D., Litt.D., Cambridge University; d. 2012 ) was professor of History Emeritus at the University of Minnesota. He was a Fulbright Scholar and

Table of Contents

    List of Illustrations
    List of Maps
    1. Prehistoric Britain
    2. Roman Britain
    3. Early Christian Britain
    4. Early Medieval Britain and Ireland and the Impact of the Vikings
    5. Norman Britain
    6. Britain in the High Middle Ages
    7. Identity Formation in the Four Kingdoms
    8. Britain in the Later Middle Ages
    9. The British Renaissance
    10. The Age of Reformation
    11. Elizabethan Politics and Jacobean Tensions
    12. Charles I and the Three Kingdoms
    13. From Restoration to Revolution