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The Peoples of the British Isles

A New History. From 1870 to the Present

Thomas William Heyck and Meredith Veldman

Publication Date - 01 August 2014

ISBN: 9780190615536

380 pages

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The new edition of The Peoples of the British Isles presents the history of the peoples of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales from prehistoric times to the present. Through the frameworks of cultural, intellectual, and social history, the authors examine the conflicts and commonalities among the people of these four nations. The book focuses throughout on the lives of real people-how they made a living, how they organized their society and institutions, how they related to each other, and how they understood themselves and their world.

This volume covers the period leading up to the First World War through present day Britain.

New to this Edition

  • Expanded coverage of Thatcher's Britain and Post-Thatcher Britain that includes the economic collapse of 2008, and emerging Islamism
  • Expanded coverage of popular culture, including Tolkien, pop art, rock and roll, and television soap operas
  • Exapanded coverage of the live's of women including updated look at changes in women's roles during and after the wars, and the impact of the "permissive society" and consumerism on gender roles


  • Details the expansion and decline of the British empire situation within the context of the changing globa economic order
  • Discusses the wide-ranging impact of total war on Britain and British society
  • Presents the cultural and economic history of the welfare state
  • Examinges the emerging fuidity of "Britishness" in a period of mass imigration and political devolution

About the Author(s)

Thomas William Heyck (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is professor emeritus of history at Northwestern University.

Meredith Veldman (PhD, Northwestern University) is associate professor of history at Louisiana State University.

Table of Contents

    Part I The Decline of Victorian Britain, 1870-1914
    1 Troubles in Economy and Society, 1870-1914
    2 Crisis of Confidence, 1870-1914
    3 Revival on the Celtic Fringe
    4 Politics and the State, 1867-1914
    5 The British Empire and the Coming of War, 1870-1914

    Part II An Age of Total War, 1914-1945
    6 The Great War, 1914-1918
    7 The War and the Celtic Countries: Ireland Leaves the Union, 1914-1923
    8 Economy, Society, and Culture Between the Wars, 1919-1939
    9 Politics, Power, and the Coming of War, 1919-1939
    10 Britain and World War II

    Part III Britain in the Postwar World, 1945-2014
    11 Welfare, Affluence, and Consensus: Culture and Society, 1945-1970
    12 Illusions of Power: International and Domestic Politics, 1945-1970
    13 The End of Consensus, 1970-1990
    14 Post-Thatcher Britain, 1990-2014
    15 The Question of Britain: The Celtic Countries, 1945-2014

    A Kings and Queens of Great Britain, 1870-2014
    B Chief Cabinet Ministers, 1868-2014

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