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The Peoples of the British Isles

A New History. From 1688 to 1914

Thomas William Heyck and Meredith Veldman

Publication Date - June 2015

ISBN: 9780190615529


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The new edition of The Peoples of the British Isles presents the history of the peoples of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales from prehistoric times to the present. Through the frameworks of cultural, intellectual, and social history, the authors examine the conflicts and commonalities among the people of these four nations. The book focuses throughout on the lives of real people-how they made a living, how they organized their society and institutions, how they related to each other, and how they understood themselves and their world.

This volume covers the period following the Revolution of 1688 through the build up to the First World War. Beginning with the formation of the British nation-state, Heyck and Veldman follow the spread of English cultural influence and power to the Celtic peoples and beyond

New to this Edition

  • New chapters 18-22 extend the scope of the volume to include the late-Victorian and Edwardian periods, and the lead-up to World War I
  • Expanded coverage of popular culture, including new sections on the intersection of commercialism and culture; discussions of the works of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot; and a discussion of the popularity of pleasure gardens
  • Expanded coverage of the lives of women, including a discussion of the role of women in the revolts against Highland Clearnaces, and differences in legal status between women of the four nations


  • Outlines the formation of the British nation-state through the expansion of the British Empire
  • Examines the demographic, agricultural, and industrial revolutions
  • Looks at the causes and consequences of the shift from a society of orders to a class society

About the Author(s)

Thomas William Heyck (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is professor emeritus of history at Northwestern University.

Meredith Veldman (PhD, Northwestern University) is associate professor of history at Louisiana State University.

Table of Contents

    Part I The Age of the Landed Oligarchy, 1688-1763
    1 The Lands and Peoples of the British lsles at the End of the Seventeenth Century
    2The Revolution of 1688 and the Revolution Settlement
    3 Society and Economy in Eighteenth-Century England
    4 Political Structure and Politics in Augustan England
    5 Religion, Rationality, and Recreation: Culture in Eighteenth-Century England
    6 Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
    7 The Expansion of British Power and Empire, 1715-1763

    Part II The Age of Revolutions, 1763-1815
    8 The Crisis of Empire, 1763-1783
    9 The Rise of the Protestant Nation in Ireland
    10 The Triple Revolution, 1760-1815
    11 The War Against the French Revolution, 1789-1815
    12 Intellectual and Spiritual Revolutions, 1780-18151

    Part III The Rise of Victorian Society, 1815-1870
    13 The Emerging Class Society, 1815-1850
    14 Politics and the State, 1815-1850
    15 Ireland from the Union to the Famine
    16 Mid-Victorian Society and Culture, 1850-1870
    17 The Overflow of Power: British Empire and Foreign Policy, 1815-1870

    Part IV The Decline of Victorian Britain, 1870-1914
    18 Upheaval in Economy and Society, 1870-1914
    19 Crisis of Confidence, 1870-1914
    20 Revival on the Celtic Fringe
    21 Politics and the State, 1867-1914
    22 The British Empire and the Coming of War, 1870-1914

    A Kings and Queens of Great Britain, 1685-1914
    B Chief Cabinet Ministers, 1721-1914


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