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The Peoples of Canada

A Pre-Confederation History

Third Edition

J. Bumsted

Publication Date - March 2008

ISBN: 9780195423402

648 pages

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Ranging from first peoples (before contact with the earliest European settlers) up to Confederation in 1867, The Peoples of Canada: A Pre-Confederation History, Third Edition, provides an in-depth examination of Canada's history. The volume looks at pre-contact northern North America exploration in the 16th and 17th centuries; settlement in the Atlantic provinces, the St. Lawrence Valley, and New France; the growth of the political changes that brought about the confederation of the four provinces of British North America into the Dominion of Canada; and the expansion of Canada's domain, society, and economy in the 19th century.
This third edition integrates extensively revised pedagogical features including timelines, end-of-chapter study questions, short chapter bibliographies, and excerpts from primary source documents. It is also supplemented by thoroughly updated ancillary materials including an Instructor's Manual, a Test Bank, PowerPoint slides, and a Student Study Guide.

Previous Publication Date(s)

April 2003
December 1992

Table of Contents

    PART I: TO 1763
    1. The Peoples of Early British North America
    2. Contacts and Encounters
    3. Early European Approaches
    4. The Atlantic Region to 1670
    5. Canada to 1663
    6. Canada, 1663-1763: Government, Military, Economy
    7. Canada, 1663-1763: Population, Society, Culture
    8. The Peripheries of the Empires, 1670-1760
    9. A Century of Conflict
    Writing about Aboriginal Peoples' History
    PART II: 1780-1840
    10. The Expansion and Contraction of British North America, 1760-1782
    11. Loyalties and Loyalists, 1775-1791
    12. Colonial Politics, War, and Rebellion, 1791-1840
    13. Peopling British North America, 1790-1840
    14. The Colonial Economy, 1791-1840
    15. Colonial Society and Culture, 1781-1840
    Writing about Women's History
    PART III: 1840-187
    16. Political and Administrative Reform, 1840-1860
    17. Reorientation: British North America and the Empire after 1840
    18. Reorientation: British North America and the American Continent after 1840
    19. The West and the North, 1840-1870
    20. Early Victorian Society, 1840-1870
    21. Education and Communications, 1840-1870
    22. Early Victorian Culture, 1840-1870
    23. Industrialization, 1850-1870
    24. Unification, 1862-1867
    Writing about British North America and the British Empire

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