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The Oxford Illustrated History of Prehistoric Europe

Edited by Barry Cunliffe

Publication Date - May 2001

ISBN: 9780192854414

568 pages

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The complete prehistory of Europe--in one comprehensive, beautifully illustrated volume


Ranging from the earliest settlements through the emergence of Minoan civilization to the barbarian world at the end of the Roman Empire, this extraordinary volume provides a fascinating look at how successive cultures adapted to the landscape of Europe. In synthesizing the diverse findings of archeology, Barry Cunliffe and a team of distinguished experts capture the sweeping movements of peoples, the spread of agriculture, the growth of metal working, and the rise and fall of cultures, blending superb detail with ornate illustrations.
For centuries, we knew little of the European civilizations that preceded classical Greece or arose outside of the Roman Empire, beyond ancient myths and the writings of Roman observers. Now the most recent discoveries of archeology have been synthesized into one exciting volume. Featuring hundreds of stunning photographs, this book provides the most complete account available of the prehistory of European civilization.


  • Edited by Barry Cunliffe, one of the world's leading archaeologists
  • A fascinating account of prehistoric Europe from the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire
  • Over 30,000 hardbacks sold, and 8,000 so far in paperback.

About the Author(s)

Barry Cunliffe is Professor of European Archaeology at the University of Oxford. The author of over 40 books, including The Ancient Celts, published by Oxford University Press, he has served as President of the Council for British Archaeology and the Society of Antiquaries, and is currently a member of the Ancient Monuments Board of English Heritage.

Table of Contents

    List of Colour Plates
    List of Maps
    Introduction, Barry Cunliffe
    1. The Peopling of Europe, 700,000-400,000 Years before the Present, Clive Gamble
    2. The Upper Paleolithic Revolution, Paul Mellars
    3. The Mesolithic Age, Stephen J. Mithen
    4. The First Farmers, Alasdair Whittle
    5. The Transformation of Early Agrarian Europe: The Later Neolithic and Copper Ages, 4500-2500 BC, Andrew Sherratt
    6. The Palace Civilizations of Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece, 2000-1200 BC, K. A. Wardle
    7. The Emergence of Elites: Earlier Bronze Age Europe, 2500-1300 BC, Andrew Sherratt
    8. The Collapse of Aegean Civilization at the End of the Late Bronze Age, Mervyn Popham
    9. Reformation in Barbarian Europe, 1300-600 BC, Anthony Harding
    10. Iron Age Societies in Western Europe and Beyond: 800-140 BC, Barry Cunliffe
    11. Thracians, Scythians, and Dacians, 800 BC-AD 300, Timothy Taylor
    12. The Impact of Rome on Barbarian Society, 140 BC-AD300, Barry Cunliffe
    13. Barbarian Europe, AD 300-700, Malcolm Todd
    Further Reading
    Chronological Tables
    Acknowledgement of Sources