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The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity

Edited by John McManners

Publication Date - June 2001

ISBN: 9780192854391

768 pages

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Two thousand years of Christian history


Spanning two thousand years of stirring religious, cultural and political events, this lavishly illustrated volume provides the most authoritative and accessible history of Christianity ever published for the general reader.
The impact of Christianity on world civilization is almost incalculable, and in exploring this rich heritage, nineteen leading scholars range from the earliest origins to the present day to examine virtually every aspect of the faith. They discuss the apostle Peter and Roman Emperor Constantine, describe the role of Charlemagne in the expansion of the religion, and assess medieval scholasticism and the influence of Thomas Aquinas. The profound changes that occurred during both the Reformation and the Enlightenment are fully treated in chapters that offer revealing portraits of such key figures as Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, and Rousseau. Fully one third of the book covers Christianity since 1800--with special studies of the faith as practiced in Britain and Europe, North and South America, Africa, India, and the Far East--offering a compelling continuous narrative filled with insight into the enormously diverse Christian world. In the final chapters, the authors consider questions of contemporary Christian theology, conscience and belief, and explore new concepts of Christian community.
Over 350 beautiful illustrations--including 32 full color plates--grace the text, ranging from mosaics, paintings and sculptures, to architecture and modern art. There are also ten maps, a chronology of important events, and an annotated guide to further reading.
Throughout, the book reflects the changing world in which Christians have found themselves, and the many ways in which, individually and through the institutions of the church, they in turn have influenced history. Comprehensive, vividly narrated, and exquisitely produced, this magnificent book captures the richness and vitality of Christian thought and culture throughout the ages.

About the Author(s)

John McManners is Emeritus Professor of Ecclesiastic History and Fellow and Chaplain of All Souls College, Oxford. An established authority in his field, he has written many popularly acclaimed books, including Death and the Enlightenment, which won Britain's Wolfson Literary Award for History and was chosen by The Times as one of the ten best non-fiction books of the year.


"Many beautiful color plates! Well-written text by outstanding scholars. Wide-ranging and well-organized both chronologically and geographically."--Bruce B. Miller II, Biblical Institute for Leadership Development

"An excellent history with superb illustrations."--Fred Berthold, Jr., Dartmouth College

"Wonderful--what is needed. A strong work calling upon sight in the learning of Christian history."--Catherine A. Kapikian, Wesley Theological Seminary

"A refreshing addition to the field of Christian history because it is comprehensive and international. The ecumenical dimension is greatly appreciated."--Horace O. Russell, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"An impeccably illustrated volume with comprehensive essays on key aspects of the history of Christianity by international experts, this volume is welcome for students of Christian history or the history of religions. Especially helpful is that there are as many essays concerning 1800 and beyond as pre-1800."--Michael J. McNally, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary

Table of Contents

    List of Maps
    Introduction, John MacManners
    1. From Origins to 1800 The Early Christian Community, Henry Chadwick
    2. From Rome to the Barbarian Kingdoms (330-700), Robert A. Markus
    3. The West: The Age of Conversion (700-1050), Henry Mayr-Harting
    4. Eastern Christendom, Kallistos Ware
    5. Christianity and Islam, Jeremy Johns
    6. Christian Civilization (1050-1400), Colin Morris
    7. The Late Medieval Church and its Reformation (1400-1600), Patrick Collinson
    8. Enlightenment: Secular and Christian (1600-1800), John McManners
    9. The Expansion of Christianity (1500-1800), John McManners
    10. Christianity Since 1800 Great Britain and Europe, Owen Chadwick
    11. North America, Martin Marty
    12. Latin America, Fredrick Pike
    13. Africa, Peter Hinchliff
    14. Asia, Kenneth and Helen Ballhatchet
    15. The Orthodox Churches of Eastern Europe, Sergei Hackel
    16. Christianity Today and Tomorrow What Christians Believe, Maurice Wiles
    17. New Images of Christian Community, Bryan Wilson
    18. The Christian Conscience, Basil Mitchell
    19. The Future of Christianity, John Taylor
    Further Reading