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The Multimedia Journalist

Storytelling for Today's Media Landscape

Jennifer George-Palilonis

Publication Date - August 2012

ISBN: 9780199764525

288 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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A comprehensive and dynamic guide to becoming a journalist in today's multimedia landscape


Outlining the issues and techniques that are fundamental to journalism in today's multimedia world, The Multimedia Journalist: Storytelling for Today's Media Landscape teaches students how to become visual storytellers--a necessity in new media. Author Jennifer George-Palilonis expertly balances theoretical concepts and practical skills for becoming a journalist in our shifting multimedia landscape. With an interactive companion website and "Professional Perspective" boxes that include points of view from professionals in the field, The Multimedia Journalist is a versatile text for students pursuing storytelling in the multimedia age.

About the Author(s)

Jennifer George-Palilonis is the George & Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Multimedia at Ball State University.


"The best book I've read on journalism in the digital era. It's comprehensive without becoming ponderous. It should become the standard text for journalism students."--Eric Chatterjee, Northern Kentucky University

"I love that attention is paid to issues like usability, navigation, and the audience. Too often those issues are left out of textbooks."--Jennifer Mackay, Virginia Tech

"I love this book. I would not hesitate to adopt this text for use in multimedia classes or workshops. It is well organized, and complete but concise. The greatest strength of this text is the balance between principle and practice, and the two are integrated well. I also loved the integration of support comments from working professionals and academics that George-Palilonis includes throughout the book. This provides another level of legitimacy to the material she presents."--Linda Menck, Marquette University

Table of Contents

    About the Author
    CHAPTER 1. Defining Multimedia
    Information architecture in the digital world
    CHAPTER 2. Collaboration and Specialization
    Reporting & editing in interdisciplinary teams
    CHAPTER 3. Planning Multimedia
    Assessing multimedia potential for your stories
    CHAPTER 4. Navigation and Interactivity
    Planning and testing for the user experience
    CHAPTER 5. Groundwork
    The well-rounded journalist
    CHAPTER 6. Writing
    Writing stories across platforms
    CHAPTER 7. Photojournalism
    Capturing the moments that transcend language
    CHAPTER 8. Audio
    Sound storytelling
    CHAPTER 9. Video
    Visual storytelling and news in motion
    CHAPTER 10. Information Graphics
    Visualizing the News
    CHAPTER 11. Story Packaging
    Multimedia design and content management
    CHAPTER 12. Looking Forward
    The future of news . . . and your place in it

Teaching Resources


A Companion Website

(www.oup.com/us/palilonis) maintained by the author contains:

* A blog featuring discussions of industry news and innovations in multimedia storytelling

* A discussion forum

* A frequently updated example gallery

* Interactive exercises and software tutorials

* A catalog of links to tutorials outside the site

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