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The Logic Manual

Volker Halbach

Publication Date - 17 October 2010

ISBN: 9780199587841

208 pages
9.2 x 6.1 inches

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An exceptionally clear, concise, and affordable introduction to logic that is ideal for beginning philosophy students


An exceptionally clear, concise, and affordable introduction to logic, The Logic Manual carefully walks beginning philosophy students through the fundamentals, offering them a real understanding of how and why logic works. Author Volker Halbach presents essential concepts through examples, informal explanations, and abstract definitions. Topics covered include propositional and predicate logic (with and without identity) and an account of the semantics of these languages, including definitions of truth and satisfaction. In addition, natural deduction is used as a proof system.

Extensively class-tested, The Logic Manual provides the best introduction available to the general, abstract approach to thinking about language, logic, and semantics that is characteristic of contemporary philosophy. A Companion Website provides exercises, examples, and sample examination papers.

About the Author(s)

Volker Halbach is Reader and CUF Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Oxford.

Table of Contents

    1. Sets, Relations, and Arguments
    2. Syntax and Semantics of Propositional Logic
    3. Formalization in Propositional Logic
    4. The Syntax of Predicate Logic
    5. The Semantics of Predicate Logic
    6. Natural Deduction
    7. Formalization in Predicate Logic
    8. Identity and Definite Descriptions
    Natural Deduction Rules