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The Lobbying Strategy Handbook

10 Steps to Advancing Any Cause Effectively

Second Edition

Author Pat Libby

Publication Date - 15 December 2020

ISBN: 9780197530191

320 pages
7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches

In Stock

An easy-to-follow, 10-step approach to advocacy practice


The Lobbying Strategy Handbook demonstrates how those who are passionate about a cause can successfully advocate at the state and local level. Pat Libby's 10-step strategic model walks the reader through the essential elements of conducting a lobbying campaign from start to finish. This framework is illustrated by four case studies - and accompanying campaign materials - that show how groups of real students successfully used the 10-step model to pass significant laws. The 10-step model is bracketed by an explanation of how to effectively use technology in lobbying campaigns, and guidance about what to do once a bill has passed. Undergraduate, graduate students, and anyone interested in making a difference, can use the book to guide them in creating and conducting a grassroots campaign from start to finish.

New to this Edition

  • Updated Chapter 1 includes the most recent literature on why nonprofit organizations and practitioners do and don't lobby
  • Chapter 2, "The Rules of Engagement," is expanded to include election-year activities
  • Chapter 3, "The Mosh Pit of Government Budgeting," includes a deeper explanation of the federal budget and new explanations of state and local government finance
  • A new case study on The K.I.D.S. Coalition


  • Unique 10-step model presents students with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to lobbying
  • Author's colloquial style explains complex legislative terminology in plain English for new students
  • A clear framework on government finances and taxes demystifies their implications for campaigning and social welfare
  • Cases on real student-led advocacy campaigns bring practice to life
  • Strategies and tools for internet advocacy demonstrate how technology and advocacy work together

About the Author(s)

Pat Libby is the founder of the Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego. A long-time change management agent and consultant, Pat cut her teeth as a lobbyist while serving as a nonprofit CEO in her home town of Boston - an experience that led her to develop, refine, and teach the lobbying model that is described in this book.


"The Lobbying Strategy Handbook book is an important resource for educators to help students harness their power to restore and create the social fabric needed for just and inclusive communities. The step-by-step framework is clear, the detailed case studies bring the framework to life, and Libby debunks myths associated with advocacy within nonprofit settings. Details related to lobbying, the legislative and regulatory processes, and the use of technology are also addressed. Anyone with an interest in social change would benefit by having this book as a resource." -- Linda Plitt Donaldson, James Madison University

"2020 has presented us with many challenges, but with this has also generated many calls for change. Now we need guidance on how to make change happen. Pat's newly updated step-by-step guide to lobbying gives us exactly this — an accessible framework written with case studies, timely examples, pragmatic perspectives and tried and true lessons that anyone can use. To those focused on change, i.e., crafting new legislation to fix broken systems and remove the legacies of racial injustice, creating solutions to public problems, and making a difference in your community, start with the updated edition of The Lobbying Strategy Handbook: 10 Steps to Advancing Any Cause Effectively - and you'll learn how to get it done." -- Lauren Miltenberger, Villanova University

"Chock full of updated information, current events, and historical examples, this new edition gets to the heart of what social work and everyday people really want to accomplish today — create change and feel empowered to do so. This book inspires page after page. My social work graduate students in my "Civic Engagement and the Social Environment" class benefited tremendously from this book." -- Lianne A. Urada, San Diego State University

Table of Contents


    1. Lobbying and Advocacy: What Does It Mean, and Why Should You Do It?
    Pat Libby

    2. The Rules of Engagement
    Elizabeth Heagy and Pat Libby

    3. The Mosh Pit of Government Budgeting: Understanding How it Works at the Federal, State and Local Level
    Pat Libby

    4. Making Law: The Confession of an Erstwhile Legislator
    Howard Wayne

    5. Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns: Steps 1 to 3
    Pat Libby

    6. Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns: Steps 4 to 7
    Pat Libby

    7. Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns: Steps 8 and 9
    Pat Libby

    8. Case Study #2. The K.I.D.S. Coalition: Protecting Innocence in the Digital Age
    Derek Floyd and Karen Gould

    9. Case Study #3. REACH
    Pat Libby and Maureen Carasiti

    10. Case Study #3 Continued: REACH the Final Steps!
    Maureen Carasiti

    11. Case Study #4: The Ten Steps Strike Again! Breaking the Tire Cycle - A Campaign with International Impact
    Ben McCue

    12. Fighting for Justice in Cyberspace: The Role of Technology in Advocacy
    John McNutt

    13. So Now You Have a Law: What Do You Do with It? Monitoring Progress on the Issue
    Howard Wayne

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