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The Later Tudors

England 1547-1603

Penry Williams

Publication Date - May 1998

ISBN: 9780192880444

656 pages

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The Later Tudors, the second volume to be published in Oxford's authoritative series The New Oxford History of England, tells the story of England between the accession of Edward VI and the death of Elizabeth I. The second half of the sixteenth century was a period of intense conflict between the nations of Europe, and between competing Catholic and Protestant beliefs. These struggles produced acute anxiety in England, but the nation was saved from the disasters that befell her neighbors and, by the end of Elizabeth's reign, achieved a remarkable sense of political and religious identity.
In this masterly and comprehensive study, Penry Williams explains how this process came about. He begins by weaving together the political, religious, and economic history of the nation, setting out the workings and development of the English state. Later chapters establish the broader perspective, with a thorough analysis of English society, family relations, and culture, focusing on the ways in which art and literature were used to uphold--and sometimes to subvert--the social and political order. The final chapter looks to Europe and across the seas at England's part in the shaping of the New World.

About the Author(s)

Penry Williams is Emeritus Fellow of New College, Oxford.


"Williams's most recent work will undoubtedly and rapidly become a staple in reference rooms everywhere. The volume provides good footnotes, helpful genealogical tables, a truly excellent chronology of the major events of the age, carefully selected plates, and a nicely crafted annotated bibliography."--HISTORY

"The erudition is impressive...excellent genealogical tables and illustrations...highly recommended."--CHOICE

Table of Contents

    Maps and Tables; Abbreviations; Notes on Spelling
    1. Introduction
    2. The Rule of Protector Somerset
    3. The Rule of Northumberland
    4. The Reign of Mary Tudor
    5. The Structure of Government
    6. English Society
    7. The Establishment of Elizabethan Rule 1558-1572
    8. The Road to War 1573-1588
    9. The Final Years 1588-1603
    10. Art, Power and the Social Order
    11. Religion in Elizabethan England
    12. Family, Kinsfolk and Neighbours
    13. England and the World
    Glossary; Genealogical Tables; Chronology; Bibliography; Index

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