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The Just Practice Framework in Action

Contemporary Case Studies

Janet L. Finn

Publication Date - 15 July 2021

ISBN: 9780197529041

304 pages
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches

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A compact yet wide-ranging collection of case studies -- the perfect practice course companion


The Just Practice Framework in Action presents a collection of case studies illustrating the integration of social justice into social work practice from the most intimate spaces of individual, clinical practice to macro-level advocacy and community building. The contributors to this volume offer detailed accounts of how they have brought the Just Practice framework to inform and transform their practice as clinicians, researchers, advocates, organizers, and educators. Their stories bring the framework to life, illustrating its potential for transformative social work practice.

Each case illustration in this text speaks to the nuances of meaning that shape practice; social workers' navigation of complex power relations; the historical, cultural, political, organizational, and community contexts of social work; and the possibilities and constraints social workers have faced. Contributors address housing rights and homelessness, refugee resettlement, neighborhood gentrification, Indigenous rights, and immigration. They explore campus and community action around issues of food security, mental health care, disability rights, and water as a human right. Their accounts offer grounded insights into challenges and possibilities of social justice-oriented social work that both strengthen and inform the Just Practice framework.


  • This text covers the full spectrum of social work - from direct practice with children and adults to practice in youth homes, jails, neighborhoods, and organizations, as well as Indigenous and international contexts - to provide insight into social justice-oriented social work at every level and context of social work practice
  • Over 25 contributors provide real-life examples of a social justice approach to social work, allowing students to hear directly from practitioners and clients - not simulated cases
  • Each practice illustration helps students connect theory to practice and grasp how social workers actually draw on the concepts and processes of Just Practice to inform thinking and action
  • Chapter openers and end-of-chapter discussion questions offer students guidance and reinforce key ideas
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About the Author(s)

Janet L. Finn, MSW, PhD, is Professor of Social Work at the University of Montana-Missoula. She is the author, editor, or co-editor of numerous books and articles about social justice, community, women, and youth and childhood issues including Just Practice, Fourth Edition (2021) Gender Oppression and Globalization: Challenges for Social Work (2013), and Mining Childhood: Growing Up in Butte Montana, 1900-1960 (2012).


"Contributors ranging from clinicians and researchers to educators and program directors articulate how they have applied the just practice framework to inform and transform their practices ... This text is suitable for all readers and will be particularly useful for any social work students or practitioners seeking to learn more about the just practice framework's practical application." -- C. A. Groves, CHOICE

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Introduction to the Just Practice Framework.
    Janet L. Finn, MSW, PhD

    Part 1. Integrating Social Justice in Direct Social Work Practice
    Chapter 2: “Just as I Am”: Moving from Biopsychosocial to Just Practice Assessments.
    Robyn Brown-Manning, LMSW, PhD, and Willie Tolliver, DSW

    Chapter 3: Just Practice with Midlife and Older LGBTQ Adults.
    Charles Pitre Hoy-Ellis, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 4: Just Practice in the Context of a Therapeutic Group Home.
    Sarah Fielding, MSW

    Chapter 5: A Very Good Day: Just Practice and the Therapeutic Alliance.
    Elizabeth Urschel, MSW, MFA

    Part 2. Integrating Social Justice in Neighborhood and Community Contexts of Practice
    Chapter 6: Just Process: Determining the Location of a Homeless Shelter.
    Amie Thurber, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 7: Just Practice for Housing Equality.
    Kara Byrne, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 8: Just Practice for Water as a Human Right.
    Ann P. Rall, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 9: Just Practice in a Gentrifying Neighborhood.
    Amie Thurber, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 10: Practicing Social Justice Work in Refugee Resettlement.
    Jen Barile, MSW, and Jesse Littman, MSW

    Part 3. Integrating Social Justice School Settings
    Chapter 11: Just Practice and Restorative Justice in Schools.
    Jen Molloy, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 12: Verbatim Theater and Social Work: A Just Practice Approach to Trauma-Informed Education.
    Erin Butts, MSW, and Sarah Butts, MFA

    Chapter 13: Social Workers in Schools: A Just Practice Perspective.
    Katie Baumler, MSW

    Part 4. Integrating Social Justice in the Criminal Justice System

    Chapter 14: Social Justice Work in Jail: Navigating Tensions of Care and Control.
    Deanna Cooper, MSW

    Chapter 15: Diana's Story: From Incarceration to Social Justice Advocacy.
    Vickii Coffey, MSA, PhD

    Part 5. Integrating Social Justice in University Contexts of Practice
    Chapter 16: Healthy Market: Addressing Food Insecurity at an Urban College Campus.
    Sonya Crabtree-Nelson, PhD, LCSW, Marissa Cirilo, MSW, and Eric Crabtree-Nelson, LCSW

    Chapter 17: Using Just Practice to Structure Learning in Field.
    Laura Dresser, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 18: Just Practice for Disability Rights.
    Amy Capolupo, MSW

    Part 6. Integrating Social Justice in Organizational Contexts of Practice
    Chapter 19: Just Practice: Lessons from the East Side Clinic.
    Diane Kempson, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 20: Bringing Just Practice into a Corporate Law Context.
    Kao Nou L. Moua, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 21: Social Justice and the Triple Bottom Line: Integrating Social, Environmental, and Economic Sustainability.
    Katherine Deuel, MS, MSW

    Part 7. Integrating Social Justice in Indigenous and International Contexts of Practice
    Chapter 22: Just Practice in Indigenous Communities.
    Ashley Trautman, MSW, JD, and Marilyn Bruguier Zimmerman, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 23: Indigenous Knowledges, Social Justice, and Disaster Risk Reduction.
    Marjorie Balay-as, PhD, and Jay Marlowe, MSW, PhD

    Chapter 24: Social Work and Justice on the U.S.-Mexico Border: From Critical Consciousness to Collaborative Action.
    Janet L. Finn, MSW, PhD


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