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The Human Eye

Structure and Function

Clyde W. Oyster

Publication Date - 15 June 1999

ISBN: 9780878936441

766 pages
8 x 11 inches

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Considers both the structure and function of the human eye and how they are related

About the Author(s)

Clyde W. Oyster is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physiological Optics of the School of Optometry at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.


"This is an elegant and immensely satisfying book on the anatomy and functioning of the human eye. Its breadth and depth make it appropriate for both vision practitioners and upper undergraduates and graduate students interested in vision research. This is a landmark book on the eye which belongs in every biological, optometric and ophthalmological library." --Howard C. Howland, The Quarterly Review of Biology

Table of Contents

    Prologue: A Brief History of Eyes
    Part 1: Ocular Systems
    1. Formation of the Human Eye
    2. Ocular Geometry and Topography
    3. The Orbit
    4. The Extraocular Muscles
    5. The Nerves of the Eye and Orbit
    6. Blood Supply and Drainage
    7. The Eyelids and the Lacrimal System
    Part 2: Components of the Eye
    8. The Cornea and the Sclera
    9. The Limbus and the Anterior Chamber
    10. The Iris and the Pupil
    11. The Ciliary Body and the Choroid
    12. The Lens and the Vitreous
    13. Retina I: Photoreceptors and Functional Organization
    14. Retina II: Editing Photoreceptor Signals
    15. Retina III: Regional Variation and Spatial Organization
    16. The Retina in Vivo and the Optic Nerve
    Epilogue: Time and Change

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