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The Gendered Society Reader

Fifth Edition

Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson

Publication Date - February 2013

ISBN: 9780199927494

656 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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A highly balanced gender studies reader, with a new chapter on politics


The battle between the sexes has raged on for centuries; however, are men and women really from different planets? In The Gendered Society Reader, Fifth Edition, coeditors Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson pull together an array of dynamic voices--both male and female, classic and contemporary--to examine various interpretations of gender. These lively, in-depth readings explore gender discourse over a wide range of disciplines, focusing primarily on two central issues: difference and domination. Carefully balanced to reflect the diversity of its subject, this text addresses provocative and fundamental questions including:

* How are males and females different?
* What do these differences mean?
* How do various cultures and religions interpret gender?
* Why do societies continue to differentiate people on the basis of gender?
* Why is it that almost every known society is based on male domination?

Michael Kimmel's textbook, The Gendered Society, Fifth Edition (OUP, 2013), provides a perfect complement for classroom use.

New to this Edition

  • * A new section on politics
  • * Longer reading introductions
  • * New selections

About the Author(s)

Michael Kimmel is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Stony Brook University, State University of New York. A leading researcher and writer on gender and men and masculinity, he is the author of numerous books and articles including The Gendered Society, Fifth Edition (OUP, 2013), Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men (2009), and Manhood in America: A Cultural History, Third Edition (OUP, 2012).

Amy Aronson is Professor of Media Studies at Fordham University. She is the author of Taking Liberties: Early American Women's Magazines and Their Readers (2002) and the coeditor, with Michael Kimmel, of Men and Masculinities: A Social, Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia (2004).

Previous Publication Date(s)

January 2010
October 2007
July 2003

Table of Contents

    * = New to this edition

    Introduction, Michael Kimmel

    Part 1. Anatomy and Destiny: Biological Arguments About Gender Difference

    Caveman Masculinity: Finding Manhood in Evolutionary Science, Martha McCaughey
    Testosterone Rules, Robert M. Sapolsky
    * The Appalling Appeal of Nature: The Popular Influence of Evolutionary Psychology as a Problem for Sociology, Stevi Jackson and Amanda Rees

    Part 2. Cultural Constructions of Gender

    Men as Women and Women as Men: Disrupting Gender, Judith Lorber
    Coming of Age and Coming Out Ceremonies Across Cultures, Gilbert Herdt
    * "Cultural Patterns and Sex/Gender Diversity", Serena Nanda

    Part 3. The Psychology of Sex Roles

    The Gender Similarities Hypothesis, Janet Shibley Hyde
    "Dude You're a Fag": Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse, C. J. Pascoe
    * Barbie Girls Versus Sea Monsters: Children Constructing Gender, Michael A. Messner
    * It's Bad for Us Too: How the Sexualization of Girls Impacts the Sexuality of Boys, Men, and Women, Deborah L. Tolman

    Part 4. The Social Construction of Gender Relations

    Doing Gender, Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman
    Doing Difference, Candace West and Sarah Fenstermaker
    Great Divides: The Cultural, Cognitive, and Social Bases of the Global Subordination of Women, Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
    Framed Before We Know It: How Gender Shapes Social Relations, Cecilia L. Ridgeway

    Part 5. The Gendered Family

    American Marriage in the Early Twenty-First Century, Andrew J. Cherlin
    * At-Home Fathers and Breadwinning Mothers: Variations in Constructing Work and Family Lives, Caryn E. Medved and William K. Rawlins
    * Can a Gay Man Be a Housewife?: Gay Fathers Doing Gender, Family, and Parenting, Dana Berkowitz
    (How) Does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?, Judith Stacey and Timothy J. Biblarz

    Part 6. The Gendered Classroom

    "Spice Girls," "Nice Girls," "Girlies," and "Tomboys": Gender Discourses, Girls' Cultures, and Femininities in the Primary Classroom, Diane Reay
    * Policing Masculinities: Investigating the Role of Homophobia and Heteronormativity in the Lives of Adolescent School Boys, Wayne Martino
    * "I Just Got On With It": The Educational Experiences of Ordinary, Yet Overlooked, Boys, Steven Roberts

    Part 7. The Gender of Religion

    To Veil or Not to Veil: A Case Study of Identity Negotiation among Muslim Women in Austin, Texas, Jen'Nan Ghazal Read and John P. Bartkowski
    * Like a Virgin . . . Again?: Secondary Virginity as an Ongoing Gendered Social Construction, Laura M. Carpenter
    * "That's What a Man Is Supposed to Do": Compensatory Manhood Acts in an LGBT Christian Church, J. Edward Sumerau
    * The Unhappy Marriage of Religion and Politics: Problems and Pitfalls for Gender Equality, Shahra Razavi and Anne Jenichen

    Part 8. The Gendered Workplace

    * The Gender Revolution: Uneven and Stalled, Paula England
    The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the "Female" Professions, Christine L. Williams
    Racializing the Glass Escalator: Reconsidering Men's Experiences with Women's Work, Adia Harvey Wingfield
    Before and After: Gender Transitions, Human Capital, and Workplace Experiences, Kristen Schilt and Matthew Wiswall
    * The Glass Partition: Obstacles to Cross-Sex Friendships at Work, Kim Elsesser and Letitia Anne Peplau

    Part 9. The Gendered Media

    * "Lights on at the End of the Party": Are Lads' Mags Mainstreaming Dangerous Sexism?, Miranda A. H. Horvath, Peter Hegarty, Suzannah Tyler, and Sophie Mansfield
    * A 36-24-36 Cerebrum: Productivity, Gender, and Video Game Advertising, Shira Chess
    * Real Niggas: Black Men, Hard Men, and the Rise of Gangsta Culture, Miles White

    Part 10. The Gender of Politics and the Politics of Gender

    * Gender Matters in Politics, Georgina Waylen
    Wars, Wimps, and Women: Talking Gender and Thinking War, Carol Cohn
    * Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Obama: Performing Gender, Race, and Class on the
    Campaign Trail, Ann C.McGinley

    Part 11. The Gendered Body

    The Body and the Reproduction of Femininity, Susan Bordo
    Beards, Breasts and Bodies: Doing Sex in a Gendered World, Raine Dozier
    * The Rise of Recreational Burlesque: Bumping and Grinding Towards Empowerment, Kaitlyn Regehr

    Part 12. Gendered Intimacies

    The Feminization of Love, Francesca M. Cancian
    Sexual Harassment and Masculinity: The Power and Meaning of "Girl Watching", Beth A. Quinn
    * "You've Got a Friend": African American Men's Cross-Sex Feminist Friendships and Their Influence on Perceptions of Masculinity and Women, Aaronette M. White

    Part 13. The Gender of Sexuality

    * Dude-Sex: White Masculinities and "Authentic" Heterosexuality Among Dudes Who Have Sex with Dudes, Jane Ward
    Hooking Up and Forming Romantic Relationships on Today's College Campuses, Paula England, Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer, and Alison C.K. Fogarty
    * Social Identities as Predictors of Women's Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Activity, Breanne Fahs and Eric Swank

    Part 14. The Gender of Violence

    * Working a Yes Out, Peggy Reeves Sanday
    * Perceptions of Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships: Stereotypes and Gender Role Expectations, Betsi Little and Cheryl Terrance
    * Good Guys With Guns: Hegemonic Masculinity and Concealed Handguns, Angela Stroud
    * Are Female Stalkers More Violent Than Male Stalkers? Understanding Gender Differences in Stalking Violence Using Contemporary Sociocultural Beliefs, Carleen M. Thompson, Susan M. Dennison, and Anna Stewart