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The Experience of Philosophy

Sixth Edition

Edited by Daniel Kolak and Raymond Martin

Publication Date - July 2005

ISBN: 9780195177688

736 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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This exceptional anthology immerses students in such powerful ideas that they will find themselves not just reading about, but actually participating in, the kind of philosophical thinking that can change the way they look at their lives and the world around them. Now in a new edition, The Experience of Philosophy features eighty-five readings that challenge students' thinking about God, freedom, reality, nothingness, death, and their own identities. Provocative and accessible, these selections have been carefully chosen for their ability to draw students out of an ordinary frame of reference into exciting new territory. Although the editors include many classic sources from philosophers such as Plato, Descartes, Locke, and Kant, the emphasis is on contemporary writings. Articles by Derek Parfit, Bertrand Russell, and others help students see philosophy's links to literature, the natural sciences, and the physical and social sciences. The sixth edition features twelve new essays--by Augustine, Alvin Plantinga and Daniel Kolak, Georges Rey, Fred Dretske, David Reisman, Paul Teller, Clea F. Rees, Padmasiri de Silva, Daniel Kolak, Karl Marx, Anand Chandavarkar, and Vincent Hendricks--as well as more text boxes offering excerpts from other relevant works.
The Experience of Philosophy, Sixth Edition, integrates helpful pedagogical aids including section introductions, a brief introduction to each selection, biographical information on each author, and questions before and after each reading to reinforce main ideas and promote thinking. Further readings after each selection direct students to additional material on related issues. Ideal for introductory philosophy courses, The Experience of Philosophy, Sixth Edition, encourages students to "do" philosophy, rather than just read about its history.

Previous Publication Date(s)

August 2001
August 1998

Table of Contents

    * New to this edition
    1. Plato, "The Trial of Socrates"
    Box: Jonathan Harrison, "God's Commands and Man's Duties"
    2. Stanley Milgram, "Obedience to Authority"
    Box: Patrick Nowell-Smith, "Morality, Obedience, and Religion"
    3. Edwin Abbott, "Flatland"
    4. Daniel Kolak and David Goloff, "The Incredible Shrinking Zeno"
    5. Daniel C. Dennett, "Where Am I?"
    * Box: Daniel C. Dennett, "What It Is to Be a Subject"
    6. Albert Einstein, "On the Idea of Time in Physics"
    Box: Paul Davies, "What Time Is It on Mars?"
    7. Kadri Vihvelin, "Time Travel: The Rules of the Road"
    8. Daniel Kolak, "The Man Who Mistook Himself for the World"
    * Box: Adrienne Rich, "The Liar Fears the Void"
    9. Buddha, "On Having No Self"
    Box: Walpola Rahula, "Nirvana"
    Box: Edward Conze, "Nirvana"
    10. René Descartes, "On Self and Substance"
    11. John Locke, "Personal Identity"
    12. David Hume, "Personal Identity"
    13. Thomas Reid, "Critique of Locke and Hume on Behalf of Common Sense"
    Box: Alasdair MacIntyre, "Narration and Personal Identity"
    14. Raymond Martin, "Personal Identity from Plato to Parfit"
    15. Adam/Linda Parascandola, "Trans or Me?"
    * Box: Jane Flax, "Patriarchy"
    * 16. Augustine, "Freedom of the Will"
    17. Baron Holbach, "The Illusion of Free Will"
    18. David Hume, "Liberty and Necessity"
    Box: C. A. Campbell, "The Self and Free Will"
    19. William James, "The Dilemma of Determinism"
    * Box: Marcus Aurelius, "Be Master of Yourself"
    20. G. E. Moore, "Free Will"
    21. Richard Taylor, "Freedom and Determinism"
    Box: Clarence Darrow, "Defense of Leopold and Loeb"
    22. Jean-Paul Sartre, "Existentialism and Human Freedom"
    23. Plato, "Knowledge"
    24. René Descartes, "Meditations"
    * Box: Vincent Hendricks, "The Chastity of the Intellect: Santayana's Blessing"
    25. John Locke, "Where Our Ideas Come From"
    26. George Berkeley, "To Be Is to Be Perceived"
    27. Bertrand Russell, "Perception, Knowledge, and Induction"
    * Box: Jaakko Hintikka, "Sexy Epistemology"
    28. D. M. Armstrong, "The Infinite Regress of Reasons"
    29. Anselm, "The Ontological Argument"
    Box: Immanuel Kant, "Existence Is Not a Predicate"
    30. Thomas Aquinas, "The Five Ways and the Doctrine of Analogy"
    31. Blaise Pascal, "The Wager"
    Box: G. W. F. von Leibniz, "Proving God"
    32. W. K. Clifford, "The Ethics of Belief"
    Box: Sigmund Freud, "Religion as Wish Fulfillment"
    Box: Karl Marx, "The Opium of the People"
    33. William James, "The Will to Believe"
    Box: William James, "On the Ultimate Insecurity"
    Box: Shree Rajneesh, "On the Corpse of a Buddha, Religion Stands"
    Box: Abraham Maslow, "The History of Mysticism"
    34. David Hume, "God and Evil"
    Box: John Hick's View, "A World Without Suffering and Misfortune"
    Box: Genesis, "Abraham and Issac"
    Box: Walter Stace, "Mystical Experience vs. Religious Visions"
    35. Robert Merrihew Adams, "Must God Create the Best?"
    Box: William J. Wainwright, "God's Compassion"
    36. Raymond Martin, "The Elusive Messiah"
    Box: Nancy Murphy, "The Historian as Philosopher"
    Box: Morton Smith, "Historical Method in the Study of Religion"
    Box: John Hick, "Lucky to Be Born into the True Religion?"
    * 37. Alvin Plantinga and Daniel Kolak, "Philosophy, the Bible, and God: A Debate"
    * Box: Naomi Goldenberg, "The Pope Against Women Priests"
    38. Kwasi Wiredu, "Religion from an African Perspective"
    * 39. Georges Rey, "Does Anyone Really Believe in God?"
    40. David Hume, "Causation, Reality, and Fiction"
    41. Albert Einstein, "Considerations on the Universe as a Whole"
    * Box: John D. Barrow, "Theory of Everything but Snowflakes"
    42. Ludwig Wittgenstein, "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus"
    43. Robert Nozick, "Fiction"
    * Box: Paul Davies, "Schizophrenia with a Vengeance"
    44. Daniel Kolak, "Quantum Cosmology, the Anthropic Principle, and Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing?"
    Box: Steven Weinberg, "The First Hundredth of a Second"
    Box: Paul Davies, "Is the Universe a Free Lunch?"
    Box: John Bell, "On Hume and Quantum Mechanics"
    Box: David Bohm, "On Philosophy"
    Box: Albert Einstein, "On Kant and Comprehensibility"
    Box: Daniel Kolak, "Grand Unification Theories (GUTs) and the End of the World"
    Box: Stephen Hawking, "On Wittgenstein, Philosophy, and God"
    Box: John Wheeler, "On Bohr, Philosophy, and Meaning"
    Box: John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler, "The Anthropic Principle"
    45. Derek Parfit, "The Puzzle of Reality: Why Does the Universe Exist?"
    Box: Freeman Dyson, "Mind and Physics"
    Box: Albert Einstein, "Cosmic Religious Feeling"
    46. Thomas Hobbes, "Of Sense and Imagination"
    47. John Locke, "Experience and Understanding"
    48. David Hume, "The Senses"
    49. Immanuel Kant: "Percepts and Concepts"
    * 50. Fred Dretske, "How Do You Know That You Are Not a Zombie?"
    51. Garrett Thomson and Philip Turetzky, "A Simple Guide to Contemporary Philosophy of Mind"
    * 52. David Reisman, "Sartre on Consciousness and the Body: The Look"
    53. Richard Dawkins, "The Selfish Gene"
    Box: Richard Thomas, "The Self as Community"
    54. Arnold Zuboff, "The Story of a Brain"
    55. Thomas Nagel, "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?"
    56. Frank Jackson, "Epiphenomenal Qualia"
    57. Paul Churchland, "Reduction, Qualia, and the Direct Introspection of Brain States"
    * 58. Paul Teller, "Subjectivity"
    59. Plato, "Death and Immortality"
    Box: John Hick, "Plato's Legacy"
    Box: The Catholic Encyclopaedia, "The Truth About the Soul"
    Box: Antony Flew, "The Cartesian Assumption"
    60. David Hume, "Of the Immortality of the Soul"
    61. Raymond Martin, "Survival of Bodily Death: A Question of Values"
    Box: C. J. Ducasse, "Remembrances of Past Lives"
    Box: Paul Edwards, "Karmic Tribulations"
    Box: John Beloff, "Beyond Death"
    Box: A. J. Ayer, "What I Saw When I Was Dead"
    Box: Peter van Inwagen, "Resurrection"
    62. Thomas W. Clark, "Death, Nothingness, and Subjectivity"
    Box: Robert Nozick, "Why Are Traces Important?"
    Box: Epicurus, "The Evil of Death"
    Box: "A Tibetan Buddhist Experience of Death"
    63. Daniel Kolak, "The Wine Is in the Glass"
    64. Leo Tolstoy, "My Confession"
    65. Albert Camus, "The Myth of Sisyphus"
    * Box: Daniel Kolak and Raymond Martin, "Values"
    66. Richard Taylor, "Is Life Meaningful?"
    67. Raymond Martin, "A Fast Car and a Good Woman"
    Box: Thomas Nagel, "Death"
    * Box: Friedrich Nietzsche, "Truth Be a Woman"
    68. Immanuel Kant, "The Categorical Imperative"
    Box: Epictetus, "What Is in Our Power"
    69. John Stuart Mill, "Utilitarianism"
    70. Jonathan Bennett, "The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn"
    * 71. Clea F. Rees, "Reclaiming the Conscience of Huckleberry Finn"
    * 72. Padmasiri de Silva, "Buddhist Ethics"
    * 73. Daniel Kolak, "Morality and the Problem of the Other: From Sidgwick to Rawls and Parfit"
    74. Plato, "The Myth of Gyges's Ring"
    75. Aristotle, "Virtue and Character"
    Box: Thomas Hobbes, "On Egotism"
    76. Mary Wollstonecraft, "The Rights of Women"
    * Box: Nancy Hartsock, "Feminism"
    * Box: Sherry B. Ortner, "Female Subordination"
    77. Friedrich Nietzsche, "Beyond Good and Evil"
    Box: Jiddu Krishnamurti, "Revolt"
    78. G. E. Moore, "Intrinsic Value"
    79. J. S. Mill, "On Liberty"
    * 80. Karl Marx, "Alienation and the Power of Money"
    * 81. Anand Chandavarkar, "Philosophy and Economics: Issues and Questions"
    Epilogue: Inconclusive Philosophical Postscript
    82. Bertrand Russell, "The Value of Philosophy"
    83. Robert Nozick, "A Portrait of the Philosopher as a Young Man"
    84. Freeman Dyson, "On Becoming a Philosopher"
    * 85. Vincent Hendricks, "Feisty Fragments"