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The Essential Writer's Handbook

William Messenger, Edited by Anne Stameshkin, Jan de Bruyn, Judy Brown, and Ramona Montagnes

Publication Date - January 2019

ISBN: 9780190932138

320 pages
Spiral Bound

In Stock

Accessible and affordable, this pocket handbook is an indispensable reference for students at school, at home, and beyond!


The Essential Writer's Handbook offers advice that is guaranteed to help writers of all skill levels master the writing process. With streamlined discussions of composition, grammar and style, spelling and punctuation, research practices, and a fully updated documentation section, this is an essential reference for all students.


  • An accessible and student-friendly format featuring a helpful cross-reference guide makes it easy for your students to find all the writing advice they need
  • A streamlined treatment of the essential aspects of the writing process-from composing a sentence to conducting research-helps students at all levels write with greater confidence, clarity, and skill
  • Up-to-date documentation guidelines for MLA, APA, and Chicago styles include color-coded examples to help students identify and compare similar components across different examples
  • Coverage of academic integrity and plagiarism emphasizes the gravity and importance of ethical writing and researching
  • A checklist for revising at the end of the book helps students through the revising, editing, and proofreading stages of their writing to ensure that they are submitting polished work
  • Topics important to ELL learners are marked with ELL icons throughout and also listed at the front of the book


"This handbook is easy to navigate. The sequencing is intuitive, the design is sleek, and the tone is direct." --Jen Coleman, University of Lynchburg

"I like the way that The Essential Writer's Handbook describes each step of the writing process. The text can follow students throughout their matriculation and become their 'go-to handbook'." --Tom Delaney, Columbus State University

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