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The Essential Sociologist

An Introduction

Beth B. Hess, Peter J. Stein, and Susan A. Farrell
Foreword by Judith Lorber

Publication Date - 07 March 2001

ISBN: 9780195329995

472 pages
7 x 10 inches

"A rich picture of a complex field with a history, competing schools of thought, and interdisciplinary roots."--From the Foreword by Judith Lorber


Beth Hess, Peter Stein, and Susan Farrell's The Essential Sociologist: An Introduction combines sound pedagogy with the latest developments in sociological research and current orientations in the field of sociology.


"In writing style alone, this [text] is head and shoulders above its competition. I find myself drawn into reading more and more of this book."--Jon E. Iannitti, SUNY Morrisville College

"This text takes one step further than most introductory sociology textbooks by challenging the status quo. More importantly, it does so in plain English."--Michelle Newton, Averett College

"The humor in the book is refreshing. The theory section is one of the most timely that I have seen in many texts. Also, the research methods section is one of the clearest I have ever read."--Mark A. Winton, University of Central Florida

Table of Contents

    Foreword by Judith Lorber
    Part I. Self in Society
    1. What is Sociology and How Do You Do It?
    2. How Is Society Possible? Culture and Social Structure
    3. Becoming Social: Conformity and Deviance
    4. Sexualities: How Many?
    Part II. Structures of Inequality
    5. When Some Are More Equal Than Others: Social Stratification
    6. The American Mosaic: Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Minorities
    7. Drawing Distinctions: Gendered Inequality
    Part III. The Institutional Order
    8. Mating and Marrying: Contemporary Families
    9. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Economic Factors
    10. Who Rules? Power, Politics, and the Military
    11. Multiple Choices: Educational Systems
    12. Believing and Belonging: Religious Institutions
    13. Crimes and Punishments: The Criminal Justice System
    14. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: Health, Illness, and the Delivery of Care
    Part IV. Modern Dilemmas
    15. Demography as Destiny: Populations and Their Environments
    16. 2001.com: Technology and Social Change in a Global System

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