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The Emergence of Modern Turkey

Third Edition

Bernard Lewis

Publication Date - September 2001

ISBN: 9780195134605

568 pages
5-5/16 x 8 inches

The preferred one-volume history of modern Turkey now in a new edition


Written by renowned scholar Bernard Lewis, The Emergence of Modern Turkey has established itself as the preferred one-volume history of modern Turkey. It covers the emergence of Turkey over two centuries, from the decline and collapse of the Ottoman Empire up to the present day. In a new chapter, Lewis discusses the origins of his book in the Cold War era and the events that have taken place since its first publication in 1961. This new edition addresses Turkey's emergence as a decidedly Western-oriented power despite internal opposition from neutralists and Islamic fundamentalists. It examines such issues as Turkey's inclusion in NATO and application to the European Union, and its involvement with the politics of the Middle East. Authoritative and insightful, The Emergence of Modern Turkey remains the classic text on the history of modern Turkey.

Previous Publication Date(s)

September 1969


Praise for the previous edition

"No one has done more to examine the interactions of the West and the Middle East.Lewis' book will remain a landmark in the study of the modern Middle East."--Foreign Affairs

"An authoritative contribution by a distinguished historian which fills a long-existing need for an interpretive study of developments in Turkey during the last two centuries."--American Historical Review

"Equally valuable for the scholar planning to explore specific lines of research, and for the teacher and journalist who have to explain and analyze developments in modern Turkey."--The Economist

"The author has mobilized his unrivaled knowledge of both Turkish and Western sources to assess the significance of the Ataturk revolution and provide an essential background for the formation of judgments about contemporary Turkey's problems and prospects."--The Times Literary Supplement

Table of Contents

    Preface to the Third Edition
    Preface to the Second Edition
    Note on Transciption
    I. Introduction: the Sources of Turkish Civilization
    Part I: The Stages of Emergence
    II. The Decline of the Ottoman Empire
    III. The Impact of the West
    IV. The Ottoman Reform
    V. The Seeds of Revolution
    VI. Despotism and Enlightenment
    VII. Union and Progress
    VIII. The Kemalist Republic
    IX. The Republic after Kemal
    Part II: Aspects of Change
    X. Community and Nation
    XI. State and Government
    XII. Religion and Culture
    XIII. Elite and Class
    XIV. Conclusions: the Turkish Revolution
    Select Bibliography