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The Classical Greek Reader

Edited by Kenneth J. Atchity
Associate Editor: Rosemary McKenna

Publication Date - 13 August 1998

ISBN: 9780195123036

470 pages
7-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

"A magnificent achievement."--The Bookwatch


Scholarly commentary on the nuances of Greek writing fills library shelves, even entire libraries. Yet nothing can take the place of the documents themselves. The Classical Greek Reader marks an exciting departure from the traditional anthology approach to Greek literature and thought. By focusing not only on the big names but also on the less-familiar voices--the women, doctors, storytellers, herbalists, and romance writers--we are offered a glimpse of ancient Greece as we have rarely seen it.

Kenneth J. Atchity provides the reader with firsthand access to literary, artistic, social, political, religious, scientific, and philosophical texts that shaped Greek thinking. From Homeric epics to the histories of Plutarch, and from the poems of Korinna to the romances of Heliodorus, this invaluable reference provides readers with modern translations of the voices that shaped the classical Greek spirit. Each entry contains an introduction identifying the author and providing information that allows readers to consider these ancient texts in a new light.
Here are the wonders of the Greek world presented in a modern, accessible manner, perfect for those looking to refresh their acquaintance with the classics and for those who have yet to explore the exciting intellectual energy of the ancient Greek world.


  • Modern translations of the voices that shaped the classical Greek spirit
  • Provides the reader with firsthand access to literary, artistic, social, political, religious, scientific, and philosophical texts that shaped Greek thinking

About the Author(s)

Kenneth J. Atchity, a former professor at Occidental College and Fulbright Professor at the University of Bologna, is the author and editor of many books, including The Renaissance Reader, Homer's Iliad, Homer: Critical Essays, and The Classical Roman Reader. He resides in Los Angeles, California.


"Atchity's passionate connection to a lost and compelling world underlies every entry in his page-turning Classical Greek Reader....It is Athcity's introduction to the minor, yet memorable, characters that lends a distinctive poignancy and charm to this survey."--Smithsonian

"Excellent selections as well as graceful, accurate translations....An ideal reader for introductory courses to Greek culture at the undergraduate level."--Dan O' Bryan, Sierra Nevada College

"Atchity deserves commendations for including authors not normally found in English translation surveys....The diversity of voices and topics, drawn from 700 years of Roman history, allows for a fairly complete overview not afforded by most Latin readers....This book is recommended for all undergraduate libraries."--Religious Studies Review

"A magnificent achievement."--The Bookwatch

"This is a principled, courageous, literate, and sensitive anthology that deserves widespread use in appropriate courses--or on one's own--and will richly reward it. It begins with Homer, of course, and it ends with Heliodorus. In between is an intelligent and original selection of self-articulating works."--Tom Clayton, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

"What enchanting musings from Kenneth Atchity, musings that color the thrills of entering the ancient world, musings that clearly guide the reader to explore the words and lives of the classical writers. A well-organized, well-written introduction to the classics!"--Joyce Marie Miller, Collin City County Community College, Plano TX

"The selections are balanced for genre, period, outlook, and style and seem to be uniformly well translated. I admire the decision to include technical, historical, late, and lyric work."--Philip O'Mara, Bridgewater College

"This interesting and wide-ranging selection of excerpts of authors from Homer to Heliodorus should give the beginner an insight into classical Greek civilization."--Patricia P. Matsen, University of South Carolina, Columbia