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The British Empire 1558-1995

Second Edition

T.O. Lloyd

Publication Date - April 1997

ISBN: 9780198731337

470 pages

Retail Price to Students: $68.00


This is a comprehensive survey of the entire history of the British empire. Lloyd describes the full sweep of expansion and decolonization from the voyages of discovery in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to the achievement of independence in the second half of the twentieth century. Drawing out both parallels and differences between paths of development throughout the empire, Lloyd provides a unified and coherent account of a vital period in the history of all the countries that make up the modern Commonwealth. For the second edition, he has revised the text, updated the bibliography and tables, and added a final chapter on "The World after the Empire", which examines the important contemporary events countries of the former empire, such as South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia.


"[I]t must be said at once, and with considerable respect, that this is by far the best one-volume history of the empire so far written."--Times Literary Supplement

"Professor Lloyd writes easily and informatively. His bibliographical essay guides the reader expertly through the maze of recent and not so recent writings on the subject. His excellent book will appeal both to those who are relatively unfamiliar with the imperial story and those who are looking for a fresh understanding of the British Empire in a post-imperial age."--History

"The style is refreshing and vigorous, as befits the subject, but never parts company from a consistently sober judgement on men and events."--International Affairs

"Professor Lloyd is to be congratulated on his masterly and eminently readable synthesis which will be of the greatest value as a basic text in schools and universities."--Times Higher Education Supplement

Table of Contents

    1. Colonies and Distant Monarchs 1558-1649
    2. Monarchs and their colonies 1649-1714
    3. Peace and War 1713-1763
    4. War and Survival 1763-1791
    5. The Stress of Revolution 1788-1826
    6. Expansion without Effort 1815-1854
    7. Victorian Stability 1848-1871
    8. Victorian Activity 1869-1890
    9. Victorian Imperial Enthusiasm 1883-1899
    10. Fighting and Reorganizing 1899-1922
    11. The Defeat of the Imperial Idea 1922-1945
    12. Independence by Degrees 1945-1960
    13. Independence at Once 1960-1983
    14. The World after the Empire

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