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The Antitrust Revolution

Economics, Competition, and Policy

Sixth Edition

John E. Kwoka, Jr. and Lawrence J. White

Publication Date - July 2013

ISBN: 9780199315499

654 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Examines the critical role of economic analysis in recent antitrust case decisions and policy


Fully updated to reflect important developments in antitrust economics, The Antitrust Revolution, Sixth Edition, examines the critical role of economic analysis in recent antitrust case decisions and policy.

The case studies--more than half of which are entirely new--are written by prominent economists who participated in the proceedings of that case. Revised overview essays introduce the economics and law that are associated with the four sections: Horizontal Structure, Horizontal Practices, Vertical and Related Market Issues, and Network Issues.

New to this Edition

  • Appendices for several chapters now provide readers with greater depth in theoretical or empirical treatment of the issues in those chapters.

About the Author(s)

John E. Kwoka, Jr., is Neal F. Finnegan Distinguished Professor of Economics at Northeastern University.

Lawrence J. White is the Robert Kavesh Professor of Economics at the Stern School of Business, New York University.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 2008
July 2003
December 1998


"A great book. It is filled with examples that elucidate key topics in a simple, non-calculatory way."--Sebastien Gay, University of Chicago

"Easy to read and easily understood by students. I would recommend it to anyone teaching an undergraduate antitrust course."--Charlene Marie Kalenkoski, Ohio University

"A masterful blend of complex microeconomic theory and legal precepts."--Swati Bhatt, Princeton University

Table of Contents

    About the Editors


    The Economic and Legal Context

    1. The Proposed Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile: Rethinking Possible (2011)
    Patrick DeGraba
    Gregory L. Rosston

    2. Rockonomics: The Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger and the Rock Concert Business (2010)
    John E. Kwoka, Jr.

    3. The Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Merger (2008)
    Serge X. Moresi
    Steven C. Salop

    4. Revisiting a Merger: FTC v. Evanston Northwestern Healthcare (2007)
    Deborah Haas-Wilson

    5. Oracle's Acquisition of PeopleSoft: U.S. v. Oracle (2004)
    R. Preston McAfee
    David S. Sibley
    Michael A. Williams

    6. Prices, Market Definition, and the Effects of Merger: Staples-Office Depot (1997)
    Serdar Dalkir
    Frederick R. Warren-Boulton


    The Economic and Legal Context

    7. "Reverse Payments" in Settlements of Patent Litigation: Split Opinions on Schering-Plough's K-Dur (2005 and 2012)
    John P. Bigelow
    Robert D. Willig

    8. The DRAM Antitrust Litigation
    Roger G. Noll

    9. Monopsony and Predatory Bidding in the Lumber Industry: The Weyerhaeuser Cases (2007)
    Gordon C. Rausser
    John R. Foote

    10. Predatory Pricing in the Airline Industry: Spirit Airlines v. Northwest Airlines (2005)
    Kenneth G. Elzinga
    David E. Mills

    11. Global Cartels Redux: The Lysine Antitrust Litigation (1996)
    John M. Connor


    The Economic and Legal Context

    12. Google-ITA: Creating a New Flight Search Competitor (2011)
    Michael D. Topper
    Stanley Watt
    Jingming "Marshall" Yan

    13. Intel and Blocking Practices (2010)
    Joshua S. Gans

    14. Resale Price Maintenance Wins a Reprieve: Leegin v. PSKS (2007)
    Kenneth G. Elzinga
    David E. Mills

    15. Unfit to be Tied: An Analysis of Trident v. Independent Ink (2006)
    Barry Nalebuff

    16. Exclusive Dealing and Antitrust Exclusion: U.S. v. Dentsply (2005)
    Michael L. Katz


    The Economic and Legal Context

    17. Vertical Mergers in the Video Programming and Distribution Industry: The Case of Comcast NBCU (2011)
    William P. Rogerson

    18. The Delta-Northwest Merger: Consumer Benefits from Airline Network Effects (2008)
    Mark Israel
    Bryan Keating
    Daniel L. Rubinfeld
    Robert D. Willig

    19. Governance, Issuance Restrictions, and Competition in Payment Card Networks: U.S. v. Visa and MasterCard (2003)
    Robert S. Pindyck

    20. Maintenance of Monopoly: U.S. v. Microsoft (2001)
    Daniel L. Rubinfeld

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