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Teaching Students to Write

Second Edition

Beth S. Neman

Publication Date - November 1995

ISBN: 9780195064285

624 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Retail Price to Students: $129.99


When it was first published, Teaching Students to Write earned a reputation for doing just that--helping instructors and prospective instructors teach their students how to write effectively. It was-and is-a student-centered, research-based text that combines scholarly theory with practical pedagogy to offer teachers a rich variety of strategies to meet their students' diverse needs.
Extensively updated to reflect current research and theoretical scholarship, this revised edition is enhanced by in-depth discussions of collaborative learning and extensive exemplification of experiential or discovery learning. It now includes a full chapter on invention and prewriting heuristics, some important new approaches to teaching revision, a chapter devoted to designing effective assignments, and a chapter on teaching the rhetorical analysis that incorporates whole language pedagogical concepts and current literary theory. This text puts special emphasis on reaching gifted students and nonstandard-dialect speakers and suggests workable techniques for conducting conferences, responding to papers and assessing them fairly.
The second edition is even richer in pedagogical apparatus for both writing teachers and their students-including duplicable Student Guidelines, Teaching Strategies sidebars, and chapter-ending questions that encourage discussion and essay-writing.

Previous Publication Date(s)

January 1980


Praise for the previous edition:

"Teaching Students to Write has impressed me as something substantially different and above the other books on the teaching of writing....[Neman] has...created a book that is at once solid, deep, pedagogically appealing, and in many ways original."--Joseph M. Williams, University of Chicago

Table of Contents

    Abbreviations to Notes and Works Cited PART I. THE STUDENT
    1. Teaching the Student
    2. Section A Teaching Expository Structure
    3. Teaching Prewriting: Invention and Arrangement
    4. Teaching the Writing Process
    5. Teaching the Rewriting Stage: Structural Revision
    Section B Teaching Expository Style
    6. Teaching Audience and Voice: Help from the Art of Rhetoric
    7. Teaching Grammar and Syntax: Help from the Science of Linguistics
    8. Stylistic Problems from Nonstandard Dialects
    Section C Teaching Special Kinds of Expository Essays
    9. Teaching the Research Paper
    11. Teaching Narrative Writing
    12. Teaching Poetry Writing
    13. Responding to Students' Work
    14. Assigning Writing
    15. The Personal Teaching Approach
    Works Cited
    Subject Index

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