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Teaching Piano in Groups

Christopher Fisher

Publication Date - April 2010

ISBN: 9780195337044

264 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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A one-stop compendium of information related to all aspects of group piano teaching.


Teaching Piano in Groups provides a one-stop compendium of information related to all aspects of group piano teaching. Motivated by an ever-growing interest in this instructional method and its widespread mandatory inclusion in piano pedagogy curricula, Christopher Fisher highlights the proven viability and success of group piano teaching, and arms front-line group piano instructors with the necessary tools for practical implementation of a system of instruction in their own teaching.

Contained within are: a comprehensive history of group piano teaching; accessible overviews of the most important theories and philosophies of group psychology and instruction; suggested group piano curricular competencies; practical implementation strategies; and thorough recommendations for curricular materials, instructional technologies, and equipment. Teaching Piano in Groups also addresses specific considerations for pre-college teaching scenarios, the public school group piano classroom, and college-level group piano programs for both music major and non-music majors.

Teaching Piano in Groups is accompanied by an extensive companion website, featuring a multi-format listing of resources as well as interviews with several group piano pedagogues.


  • Only available comprehensive resource devoted wholly to group piano teaching
  • Features unique chapter on the application of cooperative learning theory to group piano teaching
  • Companion website features extensive listings of Resources and interviews with group piano teachers

About the Author(s)

Dr. Christopher Fisher is Professor of Piano at the Ohio University School of Music where he chairs the Keyboard Division, directs the graduate piano performance and pedagogy degree programs, and serves as Director of Studies for the Honors Tutorial College music program. An active performer and workshop clinician, he has appeared at leading universities and conservatories and international conferences. www.chrisfisherpiano.com http://www.chrisfisherpiano.com


"Teaching Piano in Groups is a superb, comprehensive book on all aspects of group teaching. Experienced and inexperienced teachers will refer daily to the wealth of resources and creative ideas for developing their group teaching. Conceptual instruction through cooperative learning is key to Fisher's group approach."--Dr. Sylvia Coats, Wichita State University

"Teaching Piano in Groups provides a much-needed resource for pianists who teach groups of pre-college students, adult hobby students, or the university music major. Fisher's numerous practical and creative activities for the group setting are invaluable."--Dr. Barbara Fast, University of Oklahoma

"A pedagogy text devoted to group piano teaching! Fisher discusses cooperative learning, instructional strategies and children through adult hobby students. Plus he provides extensive suggestions for activities that will bring new life to even the most experienced group teacher. Bravo!"--Martha Hilley, University of Texas at Austin

"Fisher's book is well-researched, well-written, easily readable and easy to use...Fisher's superb book should be on the shelves of all piano teachers who are even slightly interested in the subject." --Nancy Lee Harper, Piano Journal

"Fisher's writing style is clear and concepts are organized into lists and points that make information readily accessible...[The] comprehensive chapter addressing instructional strategies and focused group activities presents wonderful ideas for lesson planning through an extensive list of activities for music learning and keyboard technique helpfully labeled B (beginner), I (intermediate), and/or A (advanced) levels...This book would be a valuable addition to the library of any piano teacher interested in the group teaching approach." --Karen Beres, American Music Teacher

"Teaching Piano in Groups is thorough enough to be used quite successfully as an introductory group pedagogy textbook or to provide supplemental reading for a general pedagogy course, but it has value to a much wider audience as well. For independent private teachers looking to broaden their offerings, Fisher offers several different ways to incorporate elements of group teaching. Veteran group instructors will find the chapter "Instructional Strategies" especially useful for the nearly 200 games contained within...Teaching Piano in Groups is a major accomplishment in the specialty of group pedagogy and should immediately become a standard reference book in any piano teacher's library. I will be using it as the principal textbook for my upcoming group piano pedagogy course." --Erin Bennett, Clavier Companion

"Christopher Fisher's excellent book, Teaching Piano In Groups, provides the piano teacher and piano pedagogy student with a treasure trove of information on all aspects of group teaching. Fisher covers all the bases including children, adults and advancing pianists who benefit from this exciting learning approach. Moreover, he stresses the necessity of musicianship training and gives the reader important historical insights. The rationale for group teaching is combined with practical instructional suggestions. I recommend this book to all piano teachers and piano pedagogy students who want to deepen their understanding of the group approach." --Dr. James Lyke, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Table of Contents

    I. Group Piano Teaching: An Introduction
    II. Practical and Logistical Issues
    III. Learning Theory: An Introduction
    IV. Cooperative Learning Theory and Group Piano Teaching
    V. Instructional Considerations
    VI. Instructional Strategies
    VII. Group Piano and the Pre-College Student
    VIII. Group Piano and the Adult Hobby Student
    IX. Group Piano and the University Music Major

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